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Household Circuits

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Desire ( काम , कामना )

To those who get it , those who notice it , Further reading beyond this first paragraph is not needed. They are just elaboration on this point. – There are many many emotions but it is the handful of emotions that give birth to rest of all . If we get control over these handful of ones, we get control over every single possible emotions . And DESIRE काम , is One of the MOST of Basic Ones, Know it , See it bubble up , see it grow and learn to control it to your advantage. Learn to direct it to the benefit of the world. It is the काम ,that leads to Anger ( When Someone obstructs its fulfilment ) t is the काम again that causes sorrow , grief when it goes unfulfilled and we feel helpless , powerless . It is the काम that leads to Greed , restlessness .. It is the same काम , your desire to be respected and given importance , that fuels your ego , that leads to road rage when someone overtakes you . So if know काम , learn to handle it, We will NOT try to Control anger when it rises its head but rather go down to the root and deal with the काम that led to Anger. We will NOT then Turn to Grief and feel helpless but look at the Root cause of the grief, and if must grieve , let us do so , BUT Should we wish to get out of it, and yet feel powerless, Look at what we have been clinging to , what is that desire that is not being fulfilled, and address that – Can that desire be fulfilled , Should that be fulfilled – IF Yes – Focus on How to fulfil that and if you succeed , the sorrow will go . If NO – Learn the Develop the steel nerves, accept the truth , the reality , the limitation we have to fulfil that Desire, that काम , and Give up , become निष्काम . So while it might be too much to ask someone to be Desire-less निष्काम, so long as one can’t give up the various desires , rather then focus on fulfilling them till you transcend them. Always keeping in mind that Desire Can’t be fulfilled for eternity . it comes back again and again and fulfilling them is like putting Ghee in fire. fulfilling it inflames more than in satisfies. But Just like a child outgrows its toys . we will need to outgrow need to constantly inflame and fulfil the desires. We played with various toys and our sisters paid with dolls. Now we are all grown up , and have no desire to play with that Toy Sten gun or that doll which felt like our life depended on that. But does that mean that once we have grown in wisdom and age , we ask our sons and daughters to give them up as yet , preaching them to be useless and waste of time – citing our experience.

If we do so , we will snatch the childhood of our children. When times cones, when they grow up they will give up . Deprive them now and when they grow up , instead of the tobu cylle

Deny them These experiences in Childhood or let them Crave It But Not Get it

And See how they Escalate to even More Dangerous Adrenaline fuelled Adventure & Fancy Gaudy Colourful Bikes

We can create millions of stories and poems just using the 26 alphabets ; so with music just using the seven notes on the musical scale. This we do by the various permutations and combinations.

It seems that we can create a laundry list of emotions. Some basic , some mixed, and the various shades of them.

The Building Blocks of Emotions: They can be counted on FINGERS

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E.g. If someone displays anger, it can be of wide range and variety – minor irritation , furious, extreme wrath , mad with anger , in rage, great ire, hot temper and so on.

Similarly fear & its synonyms which are close terms but not always exactly the same : e.g being in dread, feel horror, jitters , being in panic, being anxious, being in terror of someone or something, feeling agitated, or feeling creepy, having a foreboding, faintheartedness, having jitters, trepidation , tremor, feeling timid, trembling in fear and then display wide range of symptoms varying from – cold feet, cold sweat, chickenheartedness , faintheartedness , trembling, horripilation ( erection of hairs on the skin due to fear ) , living in dread of something .

Seeing that our behaviour and actions are guided by our reasons and coloured by our emotions, it therefore means that to be in fair control of our lives , we need to train our reason and have a grasp over our emotions. We all know when emotions get out of controls and make us helpless victims. The individual and the society become puppets of emotions –

When the emotions overtakes us , we loose control of them – what are the consequences ? We may as well ask – if the nuclear chain reaction gets out of control , what happens ? Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

The scuffles and bickering turning into wars ; the fear leading to suicides ; the cravings leading to looting, murders .. The list of unfortunate mishaps that happen when emotions get out of control is endless.

We tend to think in terms of friends and enemies. We imagine enemies outside of us. The enemy is within, the friend is also within. They are hidden in our emotions and they are caused by our intellect ( बुद्धि )

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् ।आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मनः ॥ Gita 6.5 ||

अपने द्वारा अपना उद्धार करें , अपना पतन न करें ; क्योंकि आप ही अपने मित्र हैं और आप ही अपने शत्रु हैं ।

One should save oneself by oneself; one should not lower oneself. For oneself is verily one’s own friend; oneself is verily one’s own enemy.

बन्धुरात्माऽऽत्मनस्तस्य येनात्मैवात्मना जितः।अनात्मनस्तु शत्रुत्वे वर्तेतात्मैव शत्रुवत्।।Gita 6.6।।

Of him, by whom has been conquered his very self by the self, his self is the friend of his self. But, for one who has not conquered his self, his self itself acts inimically like an enemy.

जिसने अपने-आपसे अपने-आपको जीत लिया है, उसके लिये आप ही अपना बन्धु है और जिसने अपने-आपको नहीं जीता है, ऐसे अनात्माका आत्मा ही शत्रुतामें शत्रुकी तरह बर्ताव करता है।

It is them imperative that we learn to control our emotions . To control the emotions we need to understand them. See through their plays and interplays in various settings, situations. Observe their genesis and manifestations in ourselves in various situations in the various phases of our lives. Soon we will notice that they belong not just to us , we share the same kind of emotions across human species and many times across the animal , plant kingdom.

A child that curls up in FEAR

Mimosa pudica that Also Curls UP

So One great hope is that should we be able to understand deeply our own emotions, and how it effects us, we need not go about struggling to read and understand each individual , group, species. We will be better able to read through their emotions if we know how to read our own, well. If we learn to control our emotions, we will learn to face their emotions and since emotions control us , it controls them as well. He who controls has the power. So we gain power over ourselves and can even exercise control and power over others .

If we have evil intent , we can wreak havoc on the world with that intent , power already in hand ; and vice versa.

So we gain immense power to Harm or Do Good; and they who understand the power of emotions and know how to manipulate it can in turn do immense harm or good to us.

“Read people. They are the best books available”

– Swami Vivekananda

And NOT Just read people, but every edition of it ( Not my quote – Need to find source) , because people change with time , get upgraded, or degraded with time or behave differently under different circumstances and with different people, in different settings.

Its then No Brainer that WE MUST Know these emotions . We must learn to control and direct them. We must know them to keep under check . We must know how to restrain them and we must know how to Unleash them when needed. In Nutshell we must learn to be the स्वामी ( master ) not a दास ( slave ) , स्वाधीन( Liberated ) Not पराधीन ( bonded) .

Given that there are so many emotions , it becomes a laundry list of emotions and too overwhelming to be able to be known fully . Controlling them then becomes an immense task and a rather complex one.

Yet is that true ? Is it not that in nursery we learnt the 26 alphabets. The very first music class was on sa, re, ga.. . then the colour of rainbows. In digital images we have the RGB as enough .

So is it with emotions. The saving grace is that we if notice carefully, there are just a couple of emotions that build up in various permutations and combinations to give us wide array of emotions.

Desire ( काम , कामना ) is one of them .

Fear is another.

Child is inside womb of mother. Getting its food through blood , excreting all waste through the same blood coming to it from umbilical cord. It is part and parcel of its mother , and is like an organ , amongst the various ones like heart, kidney, lungs etc.

If the mother feels the fear – the kidney , heart, lungs all feel it and respond in their own ways. (Is it just hormones like adrenaline and cortisol at work ! What are those forces of consciousness , of “life” that caused the rush of hormones in the first place ? ) . So whatever the claims of Modern Biology , So called Modern Science based on study of matter & energy can’t explain it because the origin of ” life” is NOT in matter though it is embedded in it, animates it . So these so called men of science Give certain names and assume they know . And When Life Leaves the Body – these same Seem to explain all & pretend-know -all , prove to be clueless as to what went missing.

So with Emotions – Its origin is in Life itself which those who have mastered it have tried to give it the name of Sat – Chit – Anand : Existence – Knowledge ( Consciousness) – Bliss .

So There is ” THAT’ ( tat ) which Exists always.

It is Of the NATURE OF Consciousness ..

and It has Only ONLY Nature _ Anand , Unalloyed Bliss …

Happiness is NOT necessarly anand, ( You are Thirsty , You are in agony pain, You get water to drink , Quench your thirst You feel satisfied , happy, But this is NOT anand,

This is relief from pain and that pain had caused a shadow over our real nature ANAND so when that is out of way – Ananda manifests again , Not that we gain ananda , as When cloud get blown away , SUN is not created or gained but just revealed.

Coming back to the baby in womb.

It shares in the emotions of mother.

Once it is born. It is ushered into an outside world. In an unfamiliar strange world .

How do we respond when we faced with Uncertainty .

So when it is born with it is Born the Emotion of Fear. Even in womb it would have moments of fear for example perhaps when Ultrasound waves had disturbed its peace.

But even before fear there was attachment, Attachment to the umbilical cord. and that was giving comfort. A sense of security. All needs fulfilled. So When there is attachment, ( , sangatvam ) there is RAAG ( anuraag) and that leads to KAAM . Desire to be in cosy palce, desire to have bodily needs met ( food, hunger , thirst etc )

That desire is now quite thwarted when it is ushered in the open world amid strangers, light, sound, noise, cold , hot , various smells , new kind of sensations of touch etc.

If it had NOT attachment, it would have no desire , and thus no fear.


First comes Desire , next comes Fear . Then comes Pain and sadness , Hungry as umbilical cord is cut so no blood to feed upon and need for energy through food the fuel and air .

So while doctors say it cries because lungs open up for the first time and that claim may be true , it could also cry because of the LIFE which needs to Sustain and can’t in absence of oxygen and fuel .

A litter of rats , or puppies and a human baby need not be taught to suckle breast milk of mother . It is spontaneous , instinctive.

Its desire for Clinging to Life through food ( milk) is getting fulfilled and it no more wails.


Kaam ( Desire to cling to life through umbilical cord , the through breast milk )

Grief ( When that desired is denied )

Fear ( That Life May get extinguished )

Baby cries when hungry or wet , or stung by mosquito or in cold or too hot , handled rough , loud nosies, etc. . Out of Fear

Then Feels helpless and cries .

Soon it grows up . Learns to manipulate things and starts to get sense of people around it.

Now there are times it does not feel helpless , It knows mother can give milk but is NOT permitting. She can cradle it but is NOT doing so . So it is NOW turn of Anger. It throws tantrums, gets irritated, throws thing away expressing its anger.


From Love for Life – to Kaam – to Fear – To Sadness – to Anger

Now Comes the turn of Jealousy

Jealousy = Kaam + Fear + Anger + Sadness

The Mother is taking a sibling on lap

He wants that Cosiness ( KAAMNA )

He is AFRAID ( Fear ) He will NOT get it as mother has given to someone else

He Feels sad because of NON FULFILMENT of Desire

He feels Anger , if he has enough energy to express, because of NON FULFILMENT of Desire

Then if mother is wise , she will ” ASSURE the child : cajole it.

Over time the child learns that EVEN if SOMETHING is denied to him, HIS KAAM remains unfulfilled , it will later be fulfilled

This creates trust

The CHILD develops FAITH .

You DESIRE – Desire Is NOT FULFILLED – yet

Child Learns to Get over , transcend FEAR and ANGER

replaced out by the ENTRY of FAITH

( this is what Kathsopnsidad speaks of in case of नचिकेता in whom श्रद्धा enters. )


When KAAM enters either Subdue it and set it aside or fulfil it , get over it and thus and buy time till it strikes again or if you are NOT able to fulfill KAAM

Then Have श्रद्धा , do your karma , try to fulfill KAAMA through that then also KEEP the faith that श्रद्धा that Your desires would be fulfilled ( DEEP’s Assurance )

श्रद्धा in Child Tells it that काम will be fulfilled, though not now.

SO sense of TIME enters, KAAL

And Thus Gaap of KAAL between काम to Fulfilled KAAM reach NISHKAAM is met with NEW emotion

DHAIRYA , Dheeraj

So CHild learns to Develop Patience

When We loose patience with people , we mean to say we are angry with them

But Suppose we have श्रद्धा , Then Dhairya MUST be born . and If Shraddha is ANGER , FEAR SADness are In control or gone


When KAAM IS not there or in proper control , ANGER FEAR SADNESS won’t take birth or will be in proper control

When KAAM takes birth

Bring on ASSURANCE bring in FAITH

then KAM _ FAITH _ KARMA – Fulfilled Kaam

So from KAAM to NISHKAAM stage is reached


Once NISHKAAM then NO further Emotions.

So Shiv is Doing NO Out ward KARMA , In dhyaan , On Divine.

Then KAAM DEV Comes.

It Obstructs the only real nature SAT CHIT ANANDNA Divinity

So Shiva OPENS Third eye It has fire, Shiva has energy , SO he will NOT Be sad


And In anger he attacks the VERY ROOT of trouble THE KAAAM

ANd BURNS it down

Kaam is GONE , Spare Energy is NOW doing TANDAV .

So Even if Our desires are GONE , We keep running in auto mode like automatons in CEASELESS work

Then Goddess Comes and calms him


In upnaishad one word has been repeated again and again MAA BHIH BE FEARLESS

If you control desire , You become FEARLESS


Control All desires – Control all fear

Those who LOOSE LOVE for LIFE Loose Fear of Losing life even and are not afraid of DEATH even

Those who KNOW the ATMA which Never Dies

Will HAVE FAITH that he will not die

And WHEN He knows HE WILL NOT die

Where is the FEAR of Death

So Knower of ATMA becomes FEARLESS

In Conclusion


Learn to master this emotion

and Then These are the Emotions that Get Under control

Anger, Fear , Sadness,grief, Dhairya , Shraddha , Hatred Disgust, Jealousy , Greed, ( Lobh) MADA is Dambh , Inebriated born of EGO , So when You have NO KAAM for Preserving you ego knowing it to be TEMPORAL , You no more have MADA and No jealusy ( matsrya )

Kam Krodha Lobha Moh mad Matsrya

काम , कामना

अपने मित्र हैं और आप ही अपने शत्रु हैं ।

सात सुरों के संगम से बने मधुर संगीत , कौमों के ह्रदय संगम से बने मानवता के गीत

#Emotions #Shadripus


Gita & Translations : IIT Kanpur Site

Need to read or re-read

Further Read

Gautam Buddha and his teaching on DESIRE as the cause of Suffering

Gita : Nishkaam Karma

Maths of Kaam Desire

S = A-E

Transaction When D1 > D2


VPI = f ( M, ,T, E, A , K, P , E , H,Va ,C, Ti, Pl , Pr, ..)

Value perception is function of Money, Time , Energy, Attention, Knowledge, Power, H+ health , Va = Vanity, , C Comfort Ti at a given moment of time, at a given Pl place, for a given Pr Person )

So when a restaurant is trying to give its customers Great ” Experience ” and NOT just ” Food ” , what it means is and it has appeal for only those who value those experiences :


Ac : Comfort,

Va = Vanity – Overly Polite and Welcoming Staff saluting every other second and running around at his mere glance

T =Time saving Fast Delivery , take order fast, do billing fast

A person having enough and won’t mind Rs 1,00,000 to spare and spend on dinner Will pay Rs 90 for the food value and Balance Rs 910 for Rs 1000 dinner because for him C ( Comfort ) + Va ( Vanity ) + T ( Time ) > Rs 910

For Him VPI of that One time dinner from Restaurant is Rs 1500 and he is getting at Rs 1000 and he considers it a steal , quite a deal

Another is a daily wage earner , Rs 200 per day

He has Rs 300 in pocket

Rs 90 / Rs 300 X 100 = 30 %

Rs 1000 / Rs 300 X 100 = 333 % so way beyond his means

He does value being respected being treated well, given fast service


In his perception

He puts a value of Near Zero for C, for Va, For T


He will wait or offer to come after one hour to pick his meal BUT NOT pay extra Rs 1 even for faster service

He will NOT be billing to pay Re 1 for the AC , He will wait in hot sun , under raining sky , or in biting cold but NOT Rs 1 more than Rs 90

He will Like to be treated with respect but if he will digest those obscenities and and profane words from that vendor at Crowded bazar , But NOT pay Rs 91 or 100 to the guy who is selling exactly same but speaks softly to customers,

Rahul Bose Made headlines crying foul of 2 bananas for Rs 442 . Clearly he does not get it . In a 5 – StarHotel , of the Break up of Billing be done properly :

As per VPI , He was a MISFIT customer .Based on his VPI or BPI Value Perception Index , He should have rather got out of swimming

Banana Bill = R + L + C + V + GST + Luxury Tax

Complimentary Services NOT BILLED

( Other items Not billed and are complimentary like Free Plastic Smiles, Frequent NODS by staff, Salaam Sirs, Served ON Silver PLATTER with a hint of Coriander and whiff of Fresh Lime and Jamsine Pefumery)

A) R = Cost Raw materials : Cost of 2 Banana : Rs 07

B) L = Logistics = Cost of Transport from Market to Hotel = Rs 35

C) COMFORT = Cost of AC : Rs 100

D) VANITY = Cost of People to Cater to Vanity of Guests ( as they may get easily offended if one forgets to Give that Plastic Smile and Write Bad reviews , So cost of Hire & Training is High ) Rs 150

Sub Total Rs 292

Add GST @ 18 % = Rs 53

Total Before TAX Inclding GST Rs 345

E) Luxury Tax = Whopping 28%. = Rs 97

TOTAL Bill for TWO banana Including = Rs 442

Please NOTE that We have Given Complimentary Services Under our VANITY COSTS worth Rs 548

SO Though Gross Bill is Rs 1000

We have billed Rs 442 as you are our esteemed guest . But Since you already cost us lots of PR damage we now request you to pay the Full Amount i.e Rs 1000

In case You ever come to us Please Sign that you agree to Pay for Full Bill else we will send Bananas through Monkeys :

Net Bill = Rs 1000 – 54.80 % discount = Rs 442

Spreading Happiness

Spreading Happiness

The Small Acts of Life and What Fulfils Us

It is in small moments of life , the little incidents that we grow as a person both materially and spiritually . Selflessness , A feeling for others Expands us.

There was a study done in which 100 Most wealthy were asked towards their end of life if they were content with their life. 97 Said they were not. They had come to realise that all people they knew only valued them , not their money and now that they are leaving the world they feel cheated . They pursued with great passion all life and this is what they got.The balance three who felt fulfilled had at certain stage in life – Did Something for others.

It is through expansion that we grow. Narrow Self centred interest – Me , my happiness , my sorrows ,, expands to Feelings for others and concern for others.

When we are all one – ( Advaita ) , this is natural feeling to have , yet how often we remain lost in our own worlds and apathetic .

I just Got This wonderful instance of HOW TO practice High Truths of VEDANTA in daily life from this Incident that Just needed to keep eyes open and feel and It cost little yet how few people do that , and how less often ..

( Article Where this Incident is great illustration )

A Small Matter for Us , Great Burden for Them : Farmer Suicides

In the year 2019, 10,281 farmers committed suicide in India. In India, 8 per cent of the total number of people who commit suicide every year are farmers. The families of farmers in India who are in debt have an average debt of Rs 1,10,000. This sum may seem small to you, but for the farmer who waits for the crop to grow in his fields throughout the year and then sells it in the market at a modest profit, this is quite a large sum.

A mathematical Formula I had derived In 2006

Satisfaction ( S) = Achievement ( A) – Expectation ( E)

S = A-E

When A > E we have S as Positive , S = 0 when A = E & S = (-) ve when A < E

S= (+) Ve : Beyond Expectation

So When What we achieve , or Get or Results that we get is Overall More than What we expected We are Satisfied , This is what also leads to Customer Delight.

S= 0 : As per Expectation.

This is Like Meeting Hygiene Factor criterion. You go to a hotel. You get Clean Sheets , Clean Bathroom , No mosquitoes and You are Just OK with That . You don’t gaga over Such an experience.

S= (-) Ve : Below Expectation

We feel Feel Bitter, Feel Resentment . Its that Over Pungent Dish in a Restaurant . It is the Extra Delay in Billing, It is that Help we did not lend to someone who expected …

Why we Can’t seem to make Everyone Happy or please others even Once or Anyone All the Time Ever.

( Writing to from memory and thus with all flaws of lapse of memory , Would need to check References for Accuracy of words and cases )

Vidyasagar was a Pandit . But He was a Not just a VIDYA SAGAR scholar but Also KARUNA SAGAR and had a broad feeling heart. He would be very generous. Ready to be of help to other , Funding marriage of daughters of those who could not afford, paying for medical expenses of some etc. .

 The great man had a heart of gold.  When poet, Michael Madhusudan Dutta, fell into debts due to his reckless lifestyle during his stay in Versailles, France, he appealed for help to Vidyasagar, who strived hard to ensure that sums owed to Michael from his property at home were remitted to him and sent him a large sum of money to France.

In fact he went overboard and overdid this . So much so that towards the end of his life he ended up in dire poverty and Vidyasagar died a lonely man on 29 July 1891.

Once Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was told that some person was bitterly critical of him. He was bad mouthing him and spreading false rumours and creating slander.

Vidyasagar responded ” I don’t seem to remember if I ever even Once Tried to be of any help to him ” Why then is he doing so ?

The S , A & E here .

When We gain a reputation of being Charitable or of help to others and We usually raise the bar , increase expectations. So , E Increases and keeps on increasing but A can’t seem to keep pace . There is a limit to our capacities to be of help to others. Its the same old saying of Economics : Desires are Unlimited , Means to Satisfy them are limited .

So Soon S Which was (+) Ve begins to dwindle to Zero and then Turn negative when A Saturates, Stagnates . We don’t have Unlimited Time, Money, Power, Knowledge etc . So A has to Plateu out .


Whats the Solution :

a) Gupt Daan . Do help but don’t create expectations. You will loose out on getting Credits for Good Work name and fame. But then Be almost sure that Discredits that will start to Outpour will Deluge and Drown you Making You the BAD Guy and branded the Most Selfish ONE ( Let’s See what happens to SONI SOOD in long run . His work is commendable and worth emulating but Seeing the way the world behaves towards those who show CHARITY – They Kill them , Crucify the, etc .. , I really feel Sad thinking about his future troubles )

b) Manage Expectations : Don’t keep raising the Bar. Let it be know that CHARITY is NOT like that of KARNA . You may sometimes NOT do it or Do Less than Expected and FEEL NO REMORSE about it. Let it be wide and clear. But then Sometimes we create Expectations unconsciously , develop an image and We may not have much control over what others may expect .

c) Gita : Nishakam Karma , Nishvaarth Seva . Satvik Daan . Charity that Sees Fitness of Person, Occasion, Amount of Help needed etc, And the CHARITY is NOT indiscriminate . Develop Attitude of NEKI kar Joote Khaa or At least NEKI kar Dariya mein Daal

Now Next part : Maximising Happiness


You are SN 1 and I am SN 2

Then S1 = A1-E1 & S2 = A2-E2

Suppose the Matter to be Given as Charity or Just Given as Sales is G

G = Give away by other that we GET

G1 = What You Get G2 = What I get

G can be Getting you a favour due to Power I have , Money I have or Knowledge I have. So You Know How to Use Whatsapp on Desktop , I don’t . Or It will take me lots of effort to find out. You Give me that Knowledge G

G2 = What I get .


Lets have look at our ASSET base. Lets call it Capital ( C)


I have C2 Knowledge of Computer or Mobile

You have C1 Knowledge of Computer or Mobile

Since You know more about it than me Your KNOWLEDGE Capital Asset is more than me Significantly Higher.

So C1 > C2

G1= (-) X (-) G2 = G ( What you give ) I get it you give it.

So Asset appreciation of CAPITAL ( C) in Percent Lets call it Delta ( D)

D = G /C X 100

Since I get it and I am the beneficiary , for me G is (+) Ve For You G is (-) Ve

by Exactly same amount

But D is different story

D2 = G2 / C2 & For You D1 = G2 / C2

Now G2 = (-) G1 = G


D2 = (-G1) / C2 & For You D1 = G1 / C1


D2 = G / C2 & For You D1 = G / C1

or C2D2 = C1D1

( My Law of Conservation of DAAN )

C1/C2 = D2/D1

Since C1 > C2

C1/C2 > 1


D2/D1 > 1

or D2 > D1


The Delta for ME is More than DELTA for you

In essence when

Any thing flows from Higher to lower Eg Heat from HIGH to low temp

or Whatsaap Tech Gyan from You to me


Rs 5 from You to that Lady

Since you have few lakhs and she has Few thousands of C


She Has say Rs 100 as total her meagre cash surplus = C2

and You have say Rs 10,000 as easy Cash Surplus = C2

Rs 5 = G

For her
D2 = 5 / 100 X 100 = 5 %

for You

D1 = -5 / 1000X 100 = (-) 0.05 %

Sum Total of Delta in this Transaction

DSum = D1 + D2 = (5.00 – 0.05) % = 4.95 %


When we NOTICE and keep our eyes open , Help out to those Less Fortunate eg In terms of C of power, Money, Name , fame , Knowledge etc

We have In effect Increased the DSum of Universe .

We have Created World a better place.

Increase the Happiness Level Of Humanity .

Eg Maine Ek Bottle Khoon diya , Aur Pehle jaisa hi changa Reha par that perosn who was bleeding , and could have died WAS SAVED .

This is an ideal world we should aspire to .

In fact we usually do this all the time .

Suppose I work all year in a farm toil hard and Produce 400 Kg of Rice

I have WORK capacity land , Hardwork as C

I have 100 Rs

You have 10,000 Rs

You have Money as Critical High Capital

So You find it ok to give up Rs 4000 out of Rs 10,000 to take from me 200 Kg of Rice for your whole year food.

Delta of Money for You is (-) 40 %

Delta for Money is 4000 /100 X 100 = 4000 %

Net Delta for Me in terms of Money is (+) ve 3660 %

Thats Huge D2 for me

You have ZERO Rice , I have 400 Kg

for me

Delta of Rice = (-) 200 / 400 X 100 % = (-) 50 %

You have

Only 10 Kg Rice in Stock and can’t produce any

So for You

Delta of Rice

= 200 / 100 X 100 = 200 %

So net Delta of Rice

200 – 50 = 150 %

So Rice Exchange Delta = 150 % (+) ve

and Money Exchange Delta = 3660 % (+) ve


Both are happy , Both are better off

But then Where is the spoil sport .


a) Unethical practices, Cheating , Stealing, Loots

b) When We are TOO Self Centred .


Even if Rs 5 could have made a difference INCREASE in General Happiness of the world , YOU Not least bit feeling a pinch to part with it

And Rs 5 meant and resulted a Treat for Her family

So Delta of WORLD increased

But What do many of do

Remain Unconcerned , Apathetic ,

So DELTA was denied opportunity to increase


In unethical cases

We do jus the reverse

A Vegetable vendor : Shines the Brinjal with Grease

He GOT few extra Bucks , Rest All Got Cancer

Milk Wala

He Gave OXYTOCIN to Cow ,

He saved time in milking by 10 minutes per day as milk came out faster due to chemical , He put Whole Humanity to Cancer Risk and Forced Early Puberty to girls and serious health consequences

The Contractor Saved few lakhs , made poor roads Reaped extra lakhs and Was the cause of Misery to So many, Accidents in Pot holes, that killed , Medical Vans that Could not move fast enough on that road and heart patient that died.

Scams and Siphon off Funds

One or few in power benefit and Millions of people suffer

This is A rough draft of An attempt to Describe through Mathematical Model of Our Mutual Interactions in Terms of All things MATERIAL like Charity , Economic Transactions, Social Interactions. And Above all a CASE of WHY We Need to NOTICE and why we need to care .


NEXT Pending

BPI = Benefit Perception Index in continuation of above ,

This mathematical model needs to be made more rigorous and supported with data validation.

I have this sense that it has huge implications for the way we interact in the world

and can be profitably and fruitfully applied in many walks of life – Economics, Govt Spending , Power, Politics, Social Work , Education , Health , Industry Automation and much more..

( Reference : Praising his Charity | A Lonely Death |

Create Vs Import

Create Vs Import

Create Vs Import

Self Observations Vs Quotes , Greats & Stories

Curiosity Killed the Cat. Yet it is Curiosity that sustains us. Children learn fast , they are curious , they are inquisitive. If we are to retain a talent for life long learning, we need to sustain that Child Like Curiosity and delight in discovering.

So how do we learn. Of Course through our own observations. But then we also learn from “borrowed” observations.

Vedas , Literally means ‘ Vid = To Know ” It is The Eternal Knowledge.

How do you know if Some thing that is being said is True , Correct , is a fact ?

Vedas Accept

1) Pratykash What you see Yourself. So this includes what you notice, observe. This also includes what you know from other senses , like what you hear, what you taste , what you feel , what you smell etc. . This method has some limitation though. You senses may not be perfect , They may be prone to error , They may have limitations. So Your eyes can’t see microbes without the aid of a microscope. You might not be able to see beyond wavelengths of 0.4 (red) to 0.7 ( violet ) microns of light ; you may not hear beyond 20- 20,000 Hz of sound . So you use the devices like Ultrasound instruments to sense them or infrared sensors to sense lights of lower than 0.4 microns of wavelengths.

The second source of error is due to defect in vision or other sense. So in a dimly lit place, you may “see” a snake but in full light and when your nerves are calm you will rightly see the ” Rope ” This is Drishti Dosha . This is Illusion. But when you are already under illusion , you tend to assume it’s actual , Its Real , It’s TRUE

2) The Sakshi : ( Witness) : You trust the observations ( Prtayaksh ) of Those whom you Trust . This could be The Observations by Someone great or Who are Known to tell the truth. Eg A Toddler who makes sense of the world from what its mother ” Tells” . So if mother says : There is your father . He knows that That person is his father. So if Einstein says something of science We take that to be PRAMAAN the proof of Being True Or If Gautam Buddha says ” There is Sorrow ” This is A Truth or if Sri Ramakrishna Says ” I have seen God ,. I can Show it to you ” We say That is TRUTH .

3) The Mantra Drashta – The Rishi are Mantra Drashta – They See Not with Ordinary Eyes But there is Direct Perception of Truth.

Eg When JC Bose says ” There is Life in Plant ” He has sensed that.

When Newton Says ” There is Gravity ” This Is The Force that attracts two masses . This gravity is the same force That Holds Me to Earth and is the same force that causes Earth to Revolve round the SUN . We say We Know the TRUTH of Gravity

We may not have sense this . We Trust This Truth Because NEWTON noticed It.

It is called as Intuition, Direct Perception , Discovery BUT DRASHTA is the closest Sanskrit Term that comes to it.

That GOD Exists or ATMA exists is NOT Known Through our 5 physical Senses nor have we yet discovered any Physical INSTRUMENT to see that.

They are Known through A Sense beyond our current senses.

So AHAM Brhama Asmi , TAT TVAM ASI are Mantra SEEN by Mantra DRASHTA or Rishis .

I was ruminating over some programming concepts like ” Objects ” and ” functions ” … Drawing parallel to World of “Gyan ” and ” Spirituality ” 

S : He is usually blind to events around him. It could be lack of power of observation. But it could also be lack of attention. He is usually too self absorbed, lost in thoughts or frequently distracted to be able to notice much. He uses his own experiences. But usually he takes recourse to what others have done or said. Or draws inferences from stories.

This is akin to what in Programming parlance we call ” SubRoutines ” , ” Functions ” ‘ “import ”

So When faced with an intense task , when he is apt to worry about ” success’ or ” failure ” and thus get somewhat distracted from the task at hand whereas he needs to give his 100 % , he may CALL or IMORT The ” Karma Adhikar ” Function from Gita and ” Apply this “That You Have Right to WORK and NO right to Result ” .. and even when this is NOT his OWN insight , he Makes use of this TILL IT becomes part of his “Inner Inner programming ”


In effect

He has a short Program

START Work ,

If Hurdles Come

Then IMPORT Function ” Karma Adhikar ”



Continue Work

Finish Work


What Would ” D the Deep ” Would do

They will Write the FULL Program

NO Call Functions ( Or Minimum Use of Call Function )

Even if THEY Call Functions , They will mostly be From OWN PAST experiences

And their Program will look like

START Work ,

If Hurdles Come

Then Pause



to Overcoming Hurdles

Continue Work

Finish Work


The difference in Approach is the start point

In Case of S : If FUNCTIONS True in this case PROCEED

In Case of D : If MY Experience = Function is TRU Then Proceed

If MY Experience = Function is FALSE Then IGNORE Function

Take EXPERIENCE and Proceed


Function = Sin, Cos etc

Function = ” Karm Adhikar ” or ” Hare and Tortoise Story ” Or What Gautam Buddha Said ” Desire is Cause of Sorrow ”


When I quote from Scriptures , or Stories , or Lives of Greats, I am importing what in programming parlance is called ” SubRoutines ” or Call “Objects” or Call “Functions “

If there is error in context, the result will be nasty surprise.

So Eg You Import AHMIMSA Paramo Dharma and Don’t know its Context

You have Ignored the IF THEN portion and

The result will be The Whole country will be wiped out by HUNS and Barbarians.


The program like that of Deep , are run in initial mode with NOT much IMPORT of outside Functions , then

That OUT Of Context Error is Minimised.

There is LESS Recourse to LIBRARY Functions,

Prgram Runs Ligher , with Less error and FASTER due to Less

as the ONLY Dharma Functions are ALREADY Embedded inisde the program

When You rely on your own observations , you are

It seems to me that When persons like me who are usually Blind to happenings around himself due to habit of being self-absorbed … has to take recourse to ” Quotes ” and ” what has been Said ” .. “What has been Done by greats ”  . and ” What Stories have been told for various contexts ”  are Calling To their mental or habit programs ” FUNCTIONS ” Eg ” Karma Yoga Functions ”  or 

In Programming we use Functions , Subroutines and Objects, Modules


When you write the program , we need not write everything from scratch and ground up but can import these Objects or Functions.


When we Use Quotes, Or Apply Stories or Give Example from Way the Greats have behaved. We are Importing Those as Blocks of Functions

Eg Say We apply the Idea of CONCEPT = YOU Have Right to Work and NOT to Result , Yet You must never be Attached to inaction. Nor must you attached to Result.

We can Say Karma_Adhikar_function = CONCEPT above .


When I face Hurdle , and I Get Worried I will IMPORT that Function Karma_Adhikar_function and proceed ..

Those who Don’t carry the baggage of Scriptures, or Stories,

But rely more on their own stories or observations and insights

Effectively Don’t access those LIBRARY Functions


Write their OWN Programs

Function / Objects IS TO  Programming Script 

Quotes / Stories IS To Life  Script 

Understood Vedanta but No Effect in Everyday life?

Understood Vedanta but No Effect in Everyday life?

One of the Most popular genre of books is the Self- Help Ones like ” How to …… ”

” How to Become a Millionaire ” , How to be Healthy ” ” How to make friends and influence people ” . How to Become Powerful ” etc .

Despite the swelling number of books flooding the market , people craving for improvements , still many find that there are no lasting changes. Their impact on people is minimal .

Why this is so ?

One reason is of course the way we are designed. Suppose you read how to swim, That is an intellectual learning, You may even visualise and imagine yourself swimming. But unless you actually hit the water and try to swim , practice swimming , you may not become a good swimmer. You may have PhD in how to swim , yet drown in a swimming pool if you never had in past tried to wet yourself in water by entering a pool.

So their is a muscle memory involved. ( Actually memory may not be in muscle but in brain when a sequence is played , that pattern gets stored in certain way )

There is known case of a Person who had long practice of doing Japa while counting on fingers. Even when he was declared dead for very long time his fingers were moving like they were in process of Japa , though he was clinically brain dead ( As per one personal anecdote from a person I trust that he tells truth ) .

There is an interesting example by an author of a best seller book .

He gives example of an Elephant and Mahout , the elephant rider .

The Elephant is strong and may go wherever it likes. But Mahout knows certain tricks to tame it.

Listening to lectures, reading books, enjoying stories are like intellectual training of the Mind , the Mahout. So even if the Mahout is convinced of the way , the Elephant has not yet been trained and it goes the way it likes. The elephant are our sensory systems , strong and outgoing.

So What is needed is the rigorous training of the elephant i.e our senses.

How will we do that. Mock training .MIndfulness , Exposing ourselves to certain situations ( may be small , insignificant events ) and training the Senses.

Eg We are in party and you and your friend reach a table and only one Vanilla Ice cream is left. Both of you love that. Can You for once , decide and tell your mind and your senses ( The Mouth Watering Tongue ) to give up once the taste of Vanilla and offer to friend telling yourself that Its ok , You will not die or starve or this is not the only place to eat that.

The Senses ( Elephant ) just then got the training , even if little.

You have diabetes and Doctors have said – Refrain from Direct sugar in tea.

Can you for once , say in evening tea say to your mind and deny your tongue , NOT This time … You just trained your tongue . .

So These little acts of trainings of the senses , will add up.

This is Abhyas . With practice , proficiency is bound to come in time.

So To convert the ideas into practice and having a beneficial practical impact in our lives we need to Practice it . So try to come out with some instances in daily life where we apply those ideas , and practice those. i.e Do the NET practice like in Cricket, dress rehearsal like in drama, Mock Tests like in Exams, Trial Run like in industries, and When You have done that , When the Greater challenges come , The Senses have been trained to an extent and you will not find lacking – Not just Mere Talker of ideas but Practical Living Reality

Source and Inspiration

  1. Question by Sri A K Singh
  2. Books The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom by Jonathan Haidt 
  3. Lecture Understood Vedanta but No Effect in Everyday life? ~ All Copyright belongs to Vedanta NY by Swami Sarvapriyananda YOUTUBE

Be Strong

This is based on the speech delivered by Swami Mahamedhananda ( Editor , Vedanta Kesari)

( Link of the Full Event Is here ) )

1) TAPAS of Tongue, 2) Tapas of Time, 3) Ideal in Life , 4) Sharddha in Rishis , 5) Faith in God or Self

Tapas – Controlling Tongue ( Speech consumes energy, Control it, Conserve Energy ) , Tongue( Food , Control eg Eakadasi Fasting – Falahar, or Juice or Fast whole day or skip one meal or reduce some quantity on a given day )

Tapas – Controlling Time ( Have Routine – Mainly Sleep , Food, Study and rest all will fall in place , Since we all have to make choice each moment of time, It will become spontaneous . You can decide to take or NOT take an activity at a given time depending on routine , Eg If you decide to wake up at 6 am , then also decide what time you will surely go to bed )

Ideal – Having an Ideal in Life ( When taking decisions on every little matters or significant matters, we are apt to make mistakes or make wrong choices due to circumstances if we don’t have inner guiding compass. So Our Values and Principles act as the guide or reference . Swami ji says” If a man with an ideal makes a thousand mistakes, I am sure that the man without an ideal makes fifty thousand. Therefore, it is better to have an ideal ” .Source Complete Works Jnana Yoga

Shraddha – Having faith in discoveries of our Rishis( We may not yet understand much or realise the truths as yet.Yet we can trust the Rishis ( the mantra drashtas ) who claim that they have seen the truth and they assert that we too can . Have faith in them, our seniors who have achieved., and mentioned in the Books like gita and upanishad . These are Spiritual Discoveries.

Faith in God or in Self – Faith – I am Not body mind Ego – I am Atman , Questions like Who I am, Faith in God – Its good if I have faith and belief in God. But even if I don’t , I must have faith in myself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is the atheist who does not believe in himself ( Source )

Haripad Mitra and Swamiji

( Based on Talk Given by Swami Vedatitanandaji Maharaj | Full Details here |)

There is a strong yearning to cling to memories of great. Eg One Tooth of Gautam Buddha has been preserved and at a Temple has been build around this in Sri Lanka. Its important to go through the Reminiscences of Haripad Mitra as it give Glimpse into the Persona of Swamiji and also When he speaks to Haripad Mitra or Indumati Mitra he is speaking to all of us.

Swami Prabhavananda has done Great amount of Research on Swamiji . – Sri MS Nanjunda also contributed a lot . Swami Gambhirananda translated in English. We also come to know of him from Writings of Swami Sadananda , Swami Swaroopananda and various disciples of east and west.

Swami made tremendous impact on lives all over the world.He has made major changes in thought currents sweeping the world It is not an overstatement if we say that after his advent there has been phenomenal change in the world – All aspects Spiritual and secular – Education, science & technology, sociology, politics, psychology etc.

Kabir once asked why they come to him. They said- “for satsang ” , He said , I revel in myself, People call that Satsang. हम तो रहे अपने रङ्ग , लोग कहें सत्सङ्ग ।

Swamiji had this utter lack of pretence. This we find so lacking today in politics , in education. Eg if he smoked or chew tobaaco he did not hide this fact as to how people might judge him. He had genuine human relationships. ( Ramprasd Bangla song on This trait of a Man of God )

Haripad Mitra was quintessence of Modern life. He was agnostic. He was much influenced by Aldous Huxley. He felt self-alienated. He was initially impressed and inspired by personality of Swamiji, Later by this words. He gave diskhsa to Both Haripad Mitra and his wife Indumati Mitra. To Haripad he said Always try to do good to others as far as possible – Treat Women well – about value of a house where women are happy and well treated. Shakti ( Energy ) has to be worshipped in the the form of women. To Indumati Mitra he said – Remain Pure in word and deed and even in thought. Treat husband like god- She being a householder and having a husband who was NOT a rogue.

Swamji – Used concepts in science for explaining matters Religion. He emphasises Western Science Coupled with Vedanta , Consciousness and Shakti ( Energy) , Brahaman and Prakriti , Brahman is the essence , Shakti is the manifestation. Both are one aspect of same reality. Ignore Not even one. They both study Reality. Western Nations had focussed on Shakti ( Energy , material ) have focussed on Energy ( Shakti ) , Prakriti and had made great advances. India had been more on “Consciousness” . Both are needed.

When Haripad Mitra requested him to stay at his house : He said, “I am quite happy with the Maharashtrian. If I should leave after seeing a Bengali, he might be hurt. Besides, the family treats me with great love. But I will think about it and let you know”.

Haripad Mitra : Shared his unhappiness about relationship with superiors. He advised him accordingly. What is worth noticing is that for many of our problems , the issue at hand is not Spiritual (Though the that helps ) , but rather plain common sense. Ability to think clearly. If Our thinking gets clear all our problems get solved – Here is the incident

Any work can lead to spiritual development. provided it is performed in a particular manner – leads to Character Development →→ This leads to Self Restraint →→ Self Direction →→ Concentration →→ Concentration when perfected leads to Samadhi – From Perfect work to Perfect Mukti.

Meetings : a) Nine days extended stay at Belgaum b) 1897 Lahore before second visit to west c) 1902 before Passing away. He said that many incidents are so personal they cannot be narrated, though had he narrated it would have given more glimpse into swamiji and would have helped us as well. Even then whatever he has recorded is immensely valuable.

His ancestral house in Burdwan has been converted into an Ashram by Bhav Prachaar Parishad.

Vedanta is Not HINDUISM . It is the Religion Eternal . Science of Vedanta is behind Christianity and all religions, in different aspects.

For a religion to be Universal it should have two traits

A) Parsimony B) Perception Generalization and Universalization

When you see 20,000 things you and I are looking with ordinary eyes. When you Perceive some common essence,Generalization , you are being moral and the highest is Universalization and that is Religion.

A) Vocabulary agnostics ( A person who is not sure if God exists or not ईश्‍वर की सत्ता के विषय में संशय रखने वाला; संशयवादी, अज्ञेयवादी )

B) Reminiscences of Haripad Mitra : ONLINE From Complete Works

C) ( Note by this Complier – Swamiji himself Had once mentioned about people trying to keep his one strand of here . Even Sister Nivedita got one last piece of ochre that flew from Funeral pyre and fell on her (Pending – Reference need to be Found In CW ) )

D) Online Reference : Swamiji at Belgaum ( Haripad Upset about his Superiors)

E) Relationship With Superiors : “Just then for some reason or other, I was not pulling on well with my superiors. Any little remark from them would make me lose my balance. Though, I had a lucrative job, I would not be happy even for a day. When I told Swamiji of my difficulty, he remarked, “Why are you in service? Is it because for the salary you get? You are getting it regularly every month; so why should you be upset? When you are free to resign, any moment, and nobody binds you down to it, why should you add to your miseries by thinking, oh, in what bondage am I placed! Another thing, will you tell me whether apart from doing work for which you draw the salary, did you ever do anything just to please your superiors? You never did so, and yet you are angry with them that they are not satisfied with you. Is that wise on your part? Know it for certain that the ideas we entertain about others express themselves through our conduct; and even though we may not be expressing these in words, people react accordingly. We see in the external world the same image that we carry in our hearts; nobody realizes how true the saying “The world is good when I am good is”. From today try to get rid of the habit of finding fault with others, and you will find the extent you succeed in this, the attitudes and reactions of others also change accordingly.”

E) Reminiscences of Haripad Mitra by Swami Gambhirananda ( ?? ) Pending

F) ( Based on Talk Given by Swami Vedatitanandaji Maharaj | Full Details here |)


Perseverance : Nothing Can be Done in a Day

The Ideal : See God in everything.

What We Will Gain : Bliss , Then only can we really enjoy the world as well

The Difficulty : Forgetfulness . When we mix with the world, and get blows , this idea vanishes. Eg someone comes and pushes me hard and I fall flat on ground. Blood rushes to head and with clenched fists , I rise mad with anger. I see Devil all around and forget that God is everywhere.

Shall We Then Give Up the ideal : Even a worm can see the sky and we too can . Yet it is so far away. Yet we must have it. If a man with an ideal makes a thousand mistakes, I am sure that the man without an ideal makes fifty thousand. Therefore, it is better to have an ideal. And this ideal we must hear about as much as we can,

Method : श्रवण मनन निधिध्यासन

This Self is first to be heard, then to be thought upon, and then meditated upon.”

If you cannot see Him in everything, see Him in one thing, in that thing which you like best, and then see Him in another. So on you can go.


So work, says the Vedanta, putting God in everything, and knowing Him to be in everything. Work incessantly, holding life as something deified, as God Himself, and knowing that this is all we have to do, this is all we should ask for. God is in everything, where else shall we go to find Him? He is already in every work, in every thought, in every feeling. Thus knowing, we must work — this is the only way, there is no other. Thus the effects of work will not bind us. We have seen how false desires are the cause of all the misery and evil we suffer, but when they are thus deified, purified, through God, they bring no evil, they bring no misery. Those who have not learnt this secret will have to live in a demoniacal world until they discover it. Many do not know what an infinite mine of bliss is in them, around them, everywhere; they have not yet discovered it. What is a demoniacal world? The Vedanta says, ignorance.

We are dying of thirst sitting on the banks of the mightiest river. We are dying of hunger sitting near heaps of food. Here is the blissful universe, yet we do not find it. We are in it all the time, and we are always mistaking it. Religion proposes to find this out for us. The longing for this blissful universe is in all hearts. It has been the search of all nations, it is the one goal of religion, and this ideal is expressed in various languages in different religions. It is only the difference of language that makes all these apparent divergences. One expresses a thought in one way, another a little differently, yet perhaps each is meaning exactly what the other is expressing in a different language.

More questions arise in connection with this. It is very easy to talk. From my childhood I have heard of seeing God everywhere and in everything, and then I can really enjoy the world, but as soon as I mix with the world, and get a few blows from it, the idea vanishes. I am walking in the street thinking that God is in every man, and a strong man comes along and gives me a push and I fall flat on the footpath. Then I rise up quickly with clenched fist, the blood has rushed to my head, and the reflection goes. Immediately I have become mad. Everything is forgotten; instead of encountering God I see the devil. Ever since we were born we have been told to see God in all. Every religion teaches that — see God in everything and everywhere. Do you not remember in the New Testament how Christ says so? We have all been taught that; but it is when we come to the practical side, that the difficulty begins. You all remember how in Æesop’s Fables a fine stag is looking at his form reflected in a lake and is saying to his young one, “How powerful I am, look at my splendid head, look at my limbs, how strong and muscular they are; and how swiftly I can run.” In the meantime he hears the barking of dogs in the distance, and immediately takes to his heels, and after he has run several miles, he comes back panting. The young one says, “You just told me how strong you were, how was it that when the dog barked, you ran away?” “Yes, my son; but when the dogs bark all my confidence vanishes.” Such is the case with us. We think highly of humanity, we feel ourselves strong and valiant, we make grand resolves; but when the “dogs” of trial and temptation bark, we are like the stag in the fable. Then, if such is the case, what is the use of teaching all these things? There is the greatest use. The use is this, that perseverance will finally conquer. Nothing can be done in a day.

“This Self is first to be heard, then to be thought upon, and then meditated upon.” Everyone can see the sky, even the very worm crawling upon the earth sees the blue sky, but how very far away it is! So it is with our ideal. It is far away, no doubt, but at the same time, we know that we must have it. We must even have the highest ideal. Unfortunately in this life, the vast majority of persons are groping through this dark life without any ideal at all. If a man with an ideal makes a thousand mistakes, I am sure that the man without an ideal makes fifty thousand. Therefore, it is better to have an ideal. And this ideal we must hear about as much as we can, till it enters into our hearts, into our brains, into our very veins, until it tingles in every drop of our blood and permeates every pore in our body. We must meditate upon it. “Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh,” and out of the fullness of the heart the hand works too.

It is thought which is the propelling force in us. Fill the mind with the highest thoughts, hear them day after day, think them month after month. Never mind failures; they are quite natural, they are the beauty of life, these failures. What would life be without them? It would not be worth having if it were not for struggles. Where would be the poetry of life? Never mind the struggles, the mistakes. I never heard a cow tell a lie, but it is only a cow — never a man. So never mind these failures, these little backslidings; hold the ideal a thousand times, and if you fail a thousand times, make the attempt once more. The ideal of man is to see God in everything. But if you cannot see Him in everything, see Him in one thing, in that thing which you like best, and then see Him in another. So on you can go. There is infinite life before the soul. Take your time and you will achieve your end.

“He, the One, who vibrates more quickly than mind, who attains to more speed than mind can ever do, whom even the gods reach not, nor thought grasps, He moving, everything moves. In Him all exists. He is moving. He is also immovable. He is near and He is far. He is inside everything. He is outside everything, interpenetrating everything. Whoever sees in every being that same Atman, and whoever sees everything in that Atman, he never goes far from that Atman. When all life and the whole universe are seen in this Atman, then alone man has attained the secret. There is no more delusion for him. Where is any more misery for him who sees this Oneness in the universe?”

This is another great theme of the Vedanta, this Oneness of life, this Oneness of everything. We shall see how it demonstrates that all our misery comes through ignorance, and this ignorance is the idea of manifoldness, this separation between man and man, between nation and nation, between earth and moon, between moon and sun. Out of this idea of separation between atom and atom comes all misery. But the Vedanta says this separation does not exist, it is not real. It is merely apparent, on the surface. In the heart of things there is Unity still. If you go below the surface, you find that Unity between man and man, between races and races, high and low, rich and poor, gods and men, and men and animals. If you go deep enough, all will be seen as only variations of the One, and he who has attained to this conception of Oneness has no more delusion. 

Source :

Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Volume 2 ; Jnana-Yoga – CHAPTER VII – GOD IN EVERYTHING (Delivered in London, 27th October 1896) Online