A Film Based On Swami Vivekananda & His India’s Regeneration Project | TEASER.

We are happy to announce that a wonderful film On Swami Vivekananda is going to be released soon. .The Film has been Produced by Sri Gajanand Pathak.

Sri Gajanand Pathak is an educator, entrepreneur and organiser. He has worked in industry and is deeply influenced by Swamiji and leads by example , and has put into practice the Mantra of Swamiji ” BE and MAKE ” . Over last several decades he has been contributing to holistic human development, not just enabling Technical Education but also Character Building Education of Youths. He is no mere talker but a deep thinker and a man of action.

Given his experience and his ideals in life, and his long association with Youths in their formative years, his extreme care for authenticity , we can expect the movie to be a product of thorough research . The movie will not just entertain, but inform and inspire and may well start you on the course to fall in love with the ideals that Swamiji Preached and lived.

We should not be surprised if this movie becomes hugely popular and inspires the masses.

We recommend this movie to all who genuinely wish to understand Swami Vivekananda and his lasting influence on the world.

To all those who Love India, Who aspire to improve their own lot and also of being of service to society at large. ( Of Course , Swamiji is NOT Just of INDIA , He is of The world. It would not be an overstatement to say that ever since his advent , the world has been revolutionised due to his strong thought currents and personality. ).

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