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Meet 01 07 Nov 2020 From 5 to 6 pm

ZOOM Meet ID 84231744567 Pass Code 803349

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Weekly Classes

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Meet 01 07 Nov 2020

Zoom Meet From 4 to 5 pm , Saturday 07 Nov 2020

Meditations on Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda glows in Human Relations.

It is like meditation on Swami Vivekananda , being in his presence. Vey Simple matters that leads to Transformation, speaks to Soul. We need guiding light to steer ships in deep seas and in dark. We need such guiding light in every stage of life. In our various CRISIS – Poor or well off, India or abroad, One example , Sukarno Indonesia – He learnt to love his people , his country and the whole world On reading Swami Vivekananda ( Reference )

Read – Recollect – Direction – Confused about direction to take – Which Path or road to take – Solve – Marie Luis Burke – New Discoveries – Integrity – Faith Realization – Life Incidents – Speaks loudly to us – Purity – Spirit – World wide vision – So many qualities and talent – Mahamaya had to stand 10 feet apart – – Keep Quiet or Keep Engaged – with Swami Vivekananda –

12 Min – Vedic Vision Found –

Our relation with work – With Ourselves – With others – Drudgery – Love of Human – Efficiency of Action comes – Inter-relationships –

God – Harmony – Part of all nature – love – feeling – without exception Feel – Human with Collective Life – College Life – Haridas – Poor – Fees –

18 Min

Calibre – Saint – Image of God – Intelligence plus Emotion – Three things to make great 1) Feel 2) Find Solution 3) Execute

When we have difficulties – Lip Sympathy – Jealousy

Never Deserting – 2) Human Being Realization 3) Fire Snack + Drink , – People Desert us

Rs 5000 Loan His aunt – Cheated him –

President Dr. Sukarno

Swami Ranganathananda

21 August 2015 · 

Gita 2.3. . .(5)

I went to Jakarta in 1963-64, at the time of Vivekananda’s Birth Centenary, and at that time Dr. Sukarno, President, wrote a forward to a book on Vivekananda in the Indonesian language, Svara Vivekananda. ‘Svara’ (स्वर) in Sanskrit means sound; in Indonesian language it means words, words of Vivekananda or sayings of Vivekananda. Sukarno wrote the introduction and he was having a one-hour TV session to release that book. Indian Ambassador, Appa Pant, was there as my host. In that introduction occurs this beautiful passage. Sukarno was deeply influenced by Swamiji’s ideas from his young days. He always kept the ‘Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda’ in his bed room. And he told me, you can go to the bed room, you will find all the volumes are there. I read a page or two everyday, he said. So, in that passage in the forward, he says:

“Swami Vivekananda, ah! What a name! He was the one who taught me how to love my people, how to love my country, how to love the whole world. He was the one who said, ‘We have wept long enough. No more weeping now, but stand on your feet and be men.’ Yours Sukarno.” That is the introduction. That book was in English as well as in the Indonesian language.

Source: ‘Universal Message of the Bhagavad-Gita’, Pub. Advaita Ashrama, Vol. 1, pp. 91-92

Gita 2.3 (Continued. . .)

Meet 02 , 14 Nov 2020


bhangi tobacco

they will make you feel small
parivrajaka rajputana
Ram sanehi alumnium begging plates
Alwar singh

gratitude gentleman behaviour
He is great
We are also great

Motherly heart
Eternal india
From Sudhakar to Everyone: (5:42 PM)

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Meet 03 21 Nov 2020
Meet 04 28 Nov 2020

Meet No 05 Dec 2020

Women as Mother . Brahmacharya. Motherly Instinct.



How to develop will power Like Vivekananda


Resolution – Urge – Urgency – Crisis

Do You Really want it


I need not wake you up

NEED for It

Resolution – Need – Diary Project of Develop Willpower

Succeeding and failing .

Drop Tea and Coffee

Remember Goal Frequently

Failed – Broken Teeth – Innate Intelligence – Immense Possibility of a single Human Being – Indomitable Will Power – PT USHA did it.. – 100 of failure – Still Persisted

Unconsciously as a child who learned to walk –

Morning Arti Everyday – But No oil , One item missing , Window NOT open

Pocket Diary – I will win over my self.

GOT Stabilised in My memory – I will NOT angry – Matchbox .

However you may try the

Meeting No 06 19 Dec 2020

Moral Immoral – Good Moral Bad Immoral

Good Unselfish Bad Selfish

What you don’t accept don’t do to others

19 Dec 2020 

From sutapa sutapads66@gmail.com to Everyone: (5:20 PM)

. Maharaj will njoin just now please wait

Child Artistic Thing 


Lady In India Astrologer Future of Child . Tamil Nadu

One or two seconds 

Mother Will Die . 

Chnegore Chola Red Eyed Chola King 

Suba Devan, the Chola king and his wife Kamalavati went to Chidambaram and eagerly prayed to the Lord Nataraja for a son. The Lord granted their wish and caused the spider to be born as the Chola king’s child. Soon Kamalavati conceived the child. The day of delivery arrived. Astrologers foretold that if the child could be delivered a few minutes later, it would rule the three worlds! The queen asked that she should be tied to the roof of the room upside down, with a tight bandage around her waist. When the auspicious time came, she was released and the child was born. This was the spider reborn! The child had red eyes as he had remained in his mother’s womb a little longer. The mother, looking into his eyes, said: ‘Kochekannano’ (the child with red eyes), and expired. Hence, he was named Kochengat Cholan. When he reached the proper age, his father enthroned him king.

Neglected Women . 


Chandraskehkar Raj 

Lakshmi did i 

Ramdas Swami 

Shivaji Audio Video – Spread Good Ideas. Coimbatore – 150th Celebration Study Circle can inspire – Who manufactures Alcohol , Who make Adult Movies . , Elders – Who manufactures Cigarettes – These Elders want you to be become Swami Vivekananda . Big Man Vs Great Man – CEO , PM, CM Big People But Are they GREAT People . Effective People

Idea Action Habit Culture Kshetri Fan And massage feet Soothing Words

Take care of your family.

Meeting No 07 Date 03 Jan 2021

Vivekananda Kendra Kuddunloorr

Vivekananda Kendra is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Divine touch – Swami Vivekananda
Speaker : Srimad Swami Veerabhadranandaji Maharaj

Time: Jan 2, 2021 05:00 PM India

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Meeting ID: 842 3174 4567
Passcode: 803349

Related to ourselves
Newspaper, TV , others Joyful alone . Holy Scriptures. To relate is to live. To our country , work, great mirror as we are . We are as we are . Every Relationship reveals what we are. Self Analysis and Self Development. Friends pleases. Honest entity as we are. Behave with beggar Atheist . Our response and reactions show our total personality. Mirror cosmetic change in character our relationship. Sometimes compassions, gratitude motherliness, Thankful fulness, Service Seva Ideals and Idols . Rama Sita Purity . How did Rama respond. If I am the counterpart . What is response I expect. Punjab Kesari Raja Ranjit Singh. Bleeding Few stones. 84 Old Lady. Brought to king . Raj Apradha. Great King. How did he respond. Power handled with patient mind. Discretion. Mother what said . My son why should I throw stones. Four days I could Not Get Food. Fruits Ber . Old Lady said I got four or five Bare Fruits. If Tree can give fruits. Will Raja Will be so low to punish to you.

Inherent Everlasting. Touches all that a human being can impart. How he gave divine touch. Some Maternal Guru Kripa Compassion Brother Same Sightedness Classic Signature of own. Divine Touch. Beginning of Life.

Who Was Narendranath as per Sri Ramakrishna
One among Saptrishi . Is there a Saptrishi. Life Experiences. Such Things exist . Not all the fictions. Experiences at Mystic Heights. Mind was soaring. Subtler region of ideas. Sri Ramakrishna God and Goddesses. Luminous relative existence to formless cross barrier. Transcendental Realm. Gods dare not to peep . Devi Devta . Suddenly Saw seven sages in Samadhi. Surpassed God and holy in renunciation. Gyan ,Luminous region. Divine Child. Crawling Climbed on Lap Sage . Melodious . From samadhi. Release Misery of Human Beings.

Touch with eyes. Kripa Dristhi. No sooner I saw Narendra Eyes , I knew that it was spark of that Divine Sage. Dhyana Siddha. Spiritual Vision. Who Was the child. He .
Real Thrilling Movies. Symphony of Universal Soul. Thrilling Adventure. Imagination. Saptrishi Mandal Exists. He could clearly recognise that. Touch of transcendental reality.

Mental Suffering. Financial Depression. Worldly misery never touched for those hours. Bank Collapse. This is Maya . Sat chidanadna That Sanyasi gave me the transcendental bliss.

Through Mother Bhubneshwari Devi. Married life. Quality citizen. Our women. We don’t call him a child who is born in lust of night but only if consciously . Avtar Rama Shakaracharya out of prayer. Consciously Total Choice They are doing act of holiness. Stupendous personality. In our hindu custom. Daily tasks silently pray . Desire for Son, Seek God’s permission.

Regularly pray to bless for a child. Vireshwar Shiva. Wrote to an aunt. To make necessary prayer . Pious son.

Trance Shubh muhurth Narendranath
man chalo nije nikatane Why should we wander in this world of Selfishness. Go back .

You are nara to remove misery

One glance can change a life. Narendranath was amazed. Someone who could say that He had seen God.

Second Meeting. Was it all madness. He responded . He came all one.
Week day. More stranger Right Foot On chest of Narendranath. Rooms walls vanished. What are you doing Parents brothers and sisters at home. Restored his normal consciousness all in due time.. Ecstasy.

Mother Kali
Clutches from Bondage. Siva Boy Born. Amazed. Sukadeva. Prayed to Divine. Full of knowledge Stench of jealousy he can’t stay . Maya Put that in him.

If he remembers . He will leave. The Moment he knows , He will leave instantly. Secret. Do You remember . Yes I do . My time has come.

Like wet clay and any shape. And back to usual shape.

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