Spreading Happiness

Spreading Happiness

The Small Acts of Life and What Fulfils Us

It is in small moments of life , the little incidents that we grow as a person both materially and spiritually . Selflessness , A feeling for others Expands us.

There was a study done in which 100 Most wealthy were asked towards their end of life if they were content with their life. 97 Said they were not. They had come to realise that all people they knew only valued them , not their money and now that they are leaving the world they feel cheated . They pursued with great passion all life and this is what they got.The balance three who felt fulfilled had at certain stage in life – Did Something for others.

It is through expansion that we grow. Narrow Self centred interest – Me , my happiness , my sorrows ,, expands to Feelings for others and concern for others.

When we are all one – ( Advaita ) , this is natural feeling to have , yet how often we remain lost in our own worlds and apathetic .

I just Got This wonderful instance of HOW TO practice High Truths of VEDANTA in daily life from this Incident that Just needed to keep eyes open and feel and It cost little yet how few people do that , and how less often ..

( Article Where this Incident is great illustration )

A Small Matter for Us , Great Burden for Them : Farmer Suicides

In the year 2019, 10,281 farmers committed suicide in India. In India, 8 per cent of the total number of people who commit suicide every year are farmers. The families of farmers in India who are in debt have an average debt of Rs 1,10,000. This sum may seem small to you, but for the farmer who waits for the crop to grow in his fields throughout the year and then sells it in the market at a modest profit, this is quite a large sum.

A mathematical Formula I had derived In 2006

Satisfaction ( S) = Achievement ( A) – Expectation ( E)

S = A-E

When A > E we have S as Positive , S = 0 when A = E & S = (-) ve when A < E

S= (+) Ve : Beyond Expectation

So When What we achieve , or Get or Results that we get is Overall More than What we expected We are Satisfied , This is what also leads to Customer Delight.

S= 0 : As per Expectation.

This is Like Meeting Hygiene Factor criterion. You go to a hotel. You get Clean Sheets , Clean Bathroom , No mosquitoes and You are Just OK with That . You don’t gaga over Such an experience.

S= (-) Ve : Below Expectation

We feel Feel Bitter, Feel Resentment . Its that Over Pungent Dish in a Restaurant . It is the Extra Delay in Billing, It is that Help we did not lend to someone who expected …

Why we Can’t seem to make Everyone Happy or please others even Once or Anyone All the Time Ever.

( Writing to from memory and thus with all flaws of lapse of memory , Would need to check References for Accuracy of words and cases )

Vidyasagar was a Pandit . But He was a Not just a VIDYA SAGAR scholar but Also KARUNA SAGAR and had a broad feeling heart. He would be very generous. Ready to be of help to other , Funding marriage of daughters of those who could not afford, paying for medical expenses of some etc. .

 The great man had a heart of gold.  When poet, Michael Madhusudan Dutta, fell into debts due to his reckless lifestyle during his stay in Versailles, France, he appealed for help to Vidyasagar, who strived hard to ensure that sums owed to Michael from his property at home were remitted to him and sent him a large sum of money to France.

In fact he went overboard and overdid this . So much so that towards the end of his life he ended up in dire poverty and Vidyasagar died a lonely man on 29 July 1891.

Once Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was told that some person was bitterly critical of him. He was bad mouthing him and spreading false rumours and creating slander.

Vidyasagar responded ” I don’t seem to remember if I ever even Once Tried to be of any help to him ” Why then is he doing so ?

The S , A & E here .

When We gain a reputation of being Charitable or of help to others and We usually raise the bar , increase expectations. So , E Increases and keeps on increasing but A can’t seem to keep pace . There is a limit to our capacities to be of help to others. Its the same old saying of Economics : Desires are Unlimited , Means to Satisfy them are limited .

So Soon S Which was (+) Ve begins to dwindle to Zero and then Turn negative when A Saturates, Stagnates . We don’t have Unlimited Time, Money, Power, Knowledge etc . So A has to Plateu out .


Whats the Solution :

a) Gupt Daan . Do help but don’t create expectations. You will loose out on getting Credits for Good Work name and fame. But then Be almost sure that Discredits that will start to Outpour will Deluge and Drown you Making You the BAD Guy and branded the Most Selfish ONE ( Let’s See what happens to SONI SOOD in long run . His work is commendable and worth emulating but Seeing the way the world behaves towards those who show CHARITY – They Kill them , Crucify the, etc .. , I really feel Sad thinking about his future troubles )

b) Manage Expectations : Don’t keep raising the Bar. Let it be know that CHARITY is NOT like that of KARNA . You may sometimes NOT do it or Do Less than Expected and FEEL NO REMORSE about it. Let it be wide and clear. But then Sometimes we create Expectations unconsciously , develop an image and We may not have much control over what others may expect .

c) Gita : Nishakam Karma , Nishvaarth Seva . Satvik Daan . Charity that Sees Fitness of Person, Occasion, Amount of Help needed etc, And the CHARITY is NOT indiscriminate . Develop Attitude of NEKI kar Joote Khaa or At least NEKI kar Dariya mein Daal

Now Next part : Maximising Happiness


You are SN 1 and I am SN 2

Then S1 = A1-E1 & S2 = A2-E2

Suppose the Matter to be Given as Charity or Just Given as Sales is G

G = Give away by other that we GET

G1 = What You Get G2 = What I get

G can be Getting you a favour due to Power I have , Money I have or Knowledge I have. So You Know How to Use Whatsapp on Desktop , I don’t . Or It will take me lots of effort to find out. You Give me that Knowledge G

G2 = What I get .


Lets have look at our ASSET base. Lets call it Capital ( C)


I have C2 Knowledge of Computer or Mobile

You have C1 Knowledge of Computer or Mobile

Since You know more about it than me Your KNOWLEDGE Capital Asset is more than me Significantly Higher.

So C1 > C2

G1= (-) X (-) G2 = G ( What you give ) I get it you give it.

So Asset appreciation of CAPITAL ( C) in Percent Lets call it Delta ( D)

D = G /C X 100

Since I get it and I am the beneficiary , for me G is (+) Ve For You G is (-) Ve

by Exactly same amount

But D is different story

D2 = G2 / C2 & For You D1 = G2 / C2

Now G2 = (-) G1 = G


D2 = (-G1) / C2 & For You D1 = G1 / C1


D2 = G / C2 & For You D1 = G / C1

or C2D2 = C1D1

( My Law of Conservation of DAAN )

C1/C2 = D2/D1

Since C1 > C2

C1/C2 > 1


D2/D1 > 1

or D2 > D1


The Delta for ME is More than DELTA for you

In essence when

Any thing flows from Higher to lower Eg Heat from HIGH to low temp

or Whatsaap Tech Gyan from You to me


Rs 5 from You to that Lady

Since you have few lakhs and she has Few thousands of C


She Has say Rs 100 as total her meagre cash surplus = C2

and You have say Rs 10,000 as easy Cash Surplus = C2

Rs 5 = G

For her
D2 = 5 / 100 X 100 = 5 %

for You

D1 = -5 / 1000X 100 = (-) 0.05 %

Sum Total of Delta in this Transaction

DSum = D1 + D2 = (5.00 – 0.05) % = 4.95 %


When we NOTICE and keep our eyes open , Help out to those Less Fortunate eg In terms of C of power, Money, Name , fame , Knowledge etc

We have In effect Increased the DSum of Universe .

We have Created World a better place.

Increase the Happiness Level Of Humanity .

Eg Maine Ek Bottle Khoon diya , Aur Pehle jaisa hi changa Reha par that perosn who was bleeding , and could have died WAS SAVED .

This is an ideal world we should aspire to .

In fact we usually do this all the time .

Suppose I work all year in a farm toil hard and Produce 400 Kg of Rice

I have WORK capacity land , Hardwork as C

I have 100 Rs

You have 10,000 Rs

You have Money as Critical High Capital

So You find it ok to give up Rs 4000 out of Rs 10,000 to take from me 200 Kg of Rice for your whole year food.

Delta of Money for You is (-) 40 %

Delta for Money is 4000 /100 X 100 = 4000 %

Net Delta for Me in terms of Money is (+) ve 3660 %

Thats Huge D2 for me

You have ZERO Rice , I have 400 Kg

for me

Delta of Rice = (-) 200 / 400 X 100 % = (-) 50 %

You have

Only 10 Kg Rice in Stock and can’t produce any

So for You

Delta of Rice

= 200 / 100 X 100 = 200 %

So net Delta of Rice

200 – 50 = 150 %

So Rice Exchange Delta = 150 % (+) ve

and Money Exchange Delta = 3660 % (+) ve


Both are happy , Both are better off

But then Where is the spoil sport .


a) Unethical practices, Cheating , Stealing, Loots

b) When We are TOO Self Centred .


Even if Rs 5 could have made a difference INCREASE in General Happiness of the world , YOU Not least bit feeling a pinch to part with it

And Rs 5 meant and resulted a Treat for Her family

So Delta of WORLD increased

But What do many of do

Remain Unconcerned , Apathetic ,

So DELTA was denied opportunity to increase


In unethical cases

We do jus the reverse

A Vegetable vendor : Shines the Brinjal with Grease

He GOT few extra Bucks , Rest All Got Cancer

Milk Wala

He Gave OXYTOCIN to Cow ,

He saved time in milking by 10 minutes per day as milk came out faster due to chemical , He put Whole Humanity to Cancer Risk and Forced Early Puberty to girls and serious health consequences

The Contractor Saved few lakhs , made poor roads Reaped extra lakhs and Was the cause of Misery to So many, Accidents in Pot holes, that killed , Medical Vans that Could not move fast enough on that road and heart patient that died.

Scams and Siphon off Funds

One or few in power benefit and Millions of people suffer

This is A rough draft of An attempt to Describe through Mathematical Model of Our Mutual Interactions in Terms of All things MATERIAL like Charity , Economic Transactions, Social Interactions. And Above all a CASE of WHY We Need to NOTICE and why we need to care .


NEXT Pending

BPI = Benefit Perception Index in continuation of above ,

This mathematical model needs to be made more rigorous and supported with data validation.

I have this sense that it has huge implications for the way we interact in the world

and can be profitably and fruitfully applied in many walks of life – Economics, Govt Spending , Power, Politics, Social Work , Education , Health , Industry Automation and much more..

( Reference : Praising his Charity | A Lonely Death |