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सर्व धर्म समन्वय –

सात सुरों के सङ्गम से बने मधुर सङ्गीत।
कौमों के ह्रदय -सङ्गम से बने मानवता के गीत।।

धर्मक्षेत्र कुरुक्षेत्र

है महाभारत की कथा पुरानी
राण में जाने की अर्जुन ने थी ठानी। ।

हैं अपने अपनों के विरूद्ध
कैसे करूँ इनसे मैं युद्ध !

बेहतर होगा रणछोड़ बन वन को भागूं ;
सन्यासी बन तृण-मूल-कन्द खाऊँ।

क्लैब्यं मा स्म गमः पार्थ

यह धर्म-क्षेत्र है, कुरु-क्षेत्र है।
यह कर्म-क्षेत्र है , ज्ञान-क्षेत्र है।।

यह धर्म-क्षेत्र है, कुरु-क्षेत्र है।
बुद्धि-योग है , भक्ति योग है।

मन में नाम है , हाथ में काम है
कृष्ण का ध्यान है, अर्जुन की बाण है।

योगेश्वर है, धनुर्धर है ,
तो श्री है , विजय और भूति है

क्लैब्यं मा स्म गमः पार्थ नैतत्त्वय्युपपद्यते।
क्षुद्रं हृदयदौर्बल्यं त्यक्त्वोत्तिष्ठ परन्तप।।2.3।।

अशोच्यानन्वशोचस्त्वं प्रज्ञावादांश्च भाषसे।
गतासूनगतासूंश्च नानुशोचन्ति पण्डिताः।।2.11।।

Take That Step , From Where You Are
( Bias For Action – Make A Start )

Trying To Jump Ahead of Yourself
Child , You can’t

You jump from where you are,
Not From Where You are Not
You traveled to this place
From a place afar

Yet You did Not jump to this place
The space you covered
The Time you Spent
The Miles gone by
The Years Sped Away

They were travelled
Step By Step ,
One Stop to Next
One Station to Next , And Next and Next

Moment by Moment,
Second by Second
Seconds to Minutes to Hours, to Years, to A lifetime
The death a Pause , A lull

Birth then , The Next Life
The Next Station
Then Life to Death and Death to Life
And Lifetimes , From Lifetime to Lifetime
Coming and Going
Stops Yes . Even Full Stops Yet like pause
Then a restart

The Endless Travel
In Space
In Time

Why Worry , Where you go,
Its So vast , It’s Ok Wherever you go
It’s So vast . You are Any way lost
Why Fear then , That You will lose your way ?!

The Fear of Loss is Only When You are Secure
When It’s Vast – Limitless Space and infinite Time
Lost You already are
Why fear then the Loss
Nothing to Loose
Why then Fear to Lose .

Take that Step , Then Next
Take that Breath ,then Next , then Next
With Every Breath, the Moment Gone
With Every Step , The Space Covered

You have travelled those space
Step By Step ,
Breath By Breath
Moment by Moment

Hold Not to Moment Too Long
Hold Not to Breath Too Long
Moment is Gone, Breath is Gone
Moment to moment is a Life Time
Moment Gone , That life Is Gone
Next Moment Reborn
Present the Only Living
Past is Dead and Gone,
The Memories Are All That Left Behind
The Snake is Gone ; Scale , Old Skin All Shed , Left Behind

The Future is Yet to Come
It’s the Past and Present combined
The Baby is the Future Sprout
The Ground is The Buried past
The Seed is the present moment
Sow it now , Sow it well , Waste No time.
Sow it now

For The Moment is Kaal
The Breath is Praan
The Kaal Is Keeping Time
With Every Breath That Time is Down
A Long Pause when The Death Dawns

Time Goes On , Let It Go and Get Lost
Space is Vast , You are Lost , Seemingly So
Lust Not for Time to Stay , Fear Not The Vast Space
Carve your space ,
Your path Step by Step
Live , Breadth By Breath

Stop Not your Step
Walk you Must
So Why Bother your Head
Whether , This Step is the Best You Can Take ?
Best is Yet to Come
Let it Come when the Time Comes
Best wil Come, In Time to Come
Yet After Best , Better Still .
The Stop Is Not a Full Stop
Just a Comma, the Stop Is But a Moment’s Pause.
Rise Then Fall, Fall and Rise
Waves over waves ,
Crest and Trough
Rolls On and On
Go On and On !

Take that First Step !

Where to Start ?!
Oh! From Where You are
There you Start

Child !
Naive You are !!
Just Laugh , Children Laugh
Don’t Cry . You have Cried too Long.
Mother Loves her Weeping Child
Looks Deep in It’s Searching Eyes

But Mother’s Joy is Not the weeping Child
Nor the Waiting One
But the Playful Ones
Who Plays Along

Mother Knows all
She had Been Hiding ,
You have been Searching
Crying all the time

Search No More
She has shown Grace,
Didn’t You hear her whisper , Her Muted laugh !
Mercy is Upon you
Her Hide and Seek
The Game She Plays.

Cry No More
She is there
She is Here
She Is Near, She is Far
She Is Everywhere
Take the First step

Your Little hands
You Tiny Limbs

Cant’t Hold Much
Can’t Yet Run

She is everywhere
You have seen her now
Crawl then to Her
That’s the baby step you take
With Tiny Hands , Trying to Hold on to Mother
But Even if You are Not able to hold so fast or strong
Your clutch, the hand tiny and frail though it be

She is the Mother
Hold Her Like a Monkey Kid
While She Jumps around
Or Mew like a Kitten
And She will Hold in Jaw
Sharp Her fangs , For others though
Terror Strike , Tear To Pieces

For The Kitten You,
The Teeth’s Hold – Soft and Strong
Hold of Love, Peace Upon You
And Take you where you are meant to be
Where You Belong
Think Not too much of that
Where You Go
She Know’s Best
Will Take Along

It’s all Mother’s play
You are the child
She the Mother
Mother Knows the Best

She is Everywhere
Smiling at The way you fumble
The way you cry, clueless
Bleary Eyed , Pursed Lips , As if Asking , Where To Go !

I am Here , She calls from behind
You turn
It’s Dark , You can’t see Her

I am Here , She calls from behind
You turn again
It’s Dark , You can’t see Her

You turn and turn
She smiles and Laughs
Claps Her hand
Claps and claps
She is Here
She Is There
She is Everywhere

Now you Have seen the game
The Tricks she plays
You have Known
Now fear no more
Wail no more
You Scared Child !!

Giggle and Laugh
The Baby’s laugh
Take the First step
Not from Fear
But Assurance
The Mother is There
To Take on Lap

Rest Assured
The First Step
The Baby’s Crawl
That’s what you take

You travelled so far
You Covered Miles
Years Gone

Don’t Jump
Take that Step
The First Step
To Somewhere
In The vast Space
That’s all You can Take
Leave Rest to Mother
She is there
Smiling ,Giggling , Laughing All the Time.
Oh ! What A Joy She Has !! That Joy Be Yours !

Think No more
Fear No More
You can’t be lost
Rest Assured

From Where you are
Hold with Tiny Hands
What you can
The Toys in Hand
Teethers Between Toothless Gums
Those toys will drop
When the Moment Comes

From Dream Awake, From Bonds Be Free !!

For Now !
The Child Must Play
The Child’s Play
With baby steps
Step by Step

Rest Assured !
Take that First Step

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A Poem to Myself – A Call to Action 

( A Poem I wrote Based on My stay at D’s Place at Asansol and the Trigger of Thoughts thereof) 

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”. Sir Isaac Newton

Acknowledgements & Inspirations

Sri D.Roy, Sri C.Jeganathan Sri Sameer Chattopadhyay , Praveen , Vikash Malhotra, Priya, Shresth , Arunava

Thank You Sri Jegannathan for Being the sounding board , For Validations and also as Guide out of Clutter of thoughts and kind words with personal anecdotes.

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