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Self Observations Vs Quotes , Greats & Stories

Curiosity Killed the Cat. Yet it is Curiosity that sustains us. Children learn fast , they are curious , they are inquisitive. If we are to retain a talent for life long learning, we need to sustain that Child Like Curiosity and delight in discovering.

So how do we learn. Of Course through our own observations. But then we also learn from “borrowed” observations.

Vedas , Literally means ‘ Vid = To Know ” It is The Eternal Knowledge.

How do you know if Some thing that is being said is True , Correct , is a fact ?

Vedas Accept

1) Pratykash What you see Yourself. So this includes what you notice, observe. This also includes what you know from other senses , like what you hear, what you taste , what you feel , what you smell etc. . This method has some limitation though. You senses may not be perfect , They may be prone to error , They may have limitations. So Your eyes can’t see microbes without the aid of a microscope. You might not be able to see beyond wavelengths of 0.4 (red) to 0.7 ( violet ) microns of light ; you may not hear beyond 20- 20,000 Hz of sound . So you use the devices like Ultrasound instruments to sense them or infrared sensors to sense lights of lower than 0.4 microns of wavelengths.

The second source of error is due to defect in vision or other sense. So in a dimly lit place, you may “see” a snake but in full light and when your nerves are calm you will rightly see the ” Rope ” This is Drishti Dosha . This is Illusion. But when you are already under illusion , you tend to assume it’s actual , Its Real , It’s TRUE

2) The Sakshi : ( Witness) : You trust the observations ( Prtayaksh ) of Those whom you Trust . This could be The Observations by Someone great or Who are Known to tell the truth. Eg A Toddler who makes sense of the world from what its mother ” Tells” . So if mother says : There is your father . He knows that That person is his father. So if Einstein says something of science We take that to be PRAMAAN the proof of Being True Or If Gautam Buddha says ” There is Sorrow ” This is A Truth or if Sri Ramakrishna Says ” I have seen God ,. I can Show it to you ” We say That is TRUTH .

3) The Mantra Drashta – The Rishi are Mantra Drashta – They See Not with Ordinary Eyes But there is Direct Perception of Truth.

Eg When JC Bose says ” There is Life in Plant ” He has sensed that.

When Newton Says ” There is Gravity ” This Is The Force that attracts two masses . This gravity is the same force That Holds Me to Earth and is the same force that causes Earth to Revolve round the SUN . We say We Know the TRUTH of Gravity

We may not have sense this . We Trust This Truth Because NEWTON noticed It.

It is called as Intuition, Direct Perception , Discovery BUT DRASHTA is the closest Sanskrit Term that comes to it.

That GOD Exists or ATMA exists is NOT Known Through our 5 physical Senses nor have we yet discovered any Physical INSTRUMENT to see that.

They are Known through A Sense beyond our current senses.

So AHAM Brhama Asmi , TAT TVAM ASI are Mantra SEEN by Mantra DRASHTA or Rishis .

I was ruminating over some programming concepts like ” Objects ” and ” functions ” … Drawing parallel to World of “Gyan ” and ” Spirituality ” 

S : He is usually blind to events around him. It could be lack of power of observation. But it could also be lack of attention. He is usually too self absorbed, lost in thoughts or frequently distracted to be able to notice much. He uses his own experiences. But usually he takes recourse to what others have done or said. Or draws inferences from stories.

This is akin to what in Programming parlance we call ” SubRoutines ” , ” Functions ” ‘ “import ”

So When faced with an intense task , when he is apt to worry about ” success’ or ” failure ” and thus get somewhat distracted from the task at hand whereas he needs to give his 100 % , he may CALL or IMORT The ” Karma Adhikar ” Function from Gita and ” Apply this “That You Have Right to WORK and NO right to Result ” .. and even when this is NOT his OWN insight , he Makes use of this TILL IT becomes part of his “Inner Inner programming ”


In effect

He has a short Program

START Work ,

If Hurdles Come

Then IMPORT Function ” Karma Adhikar ”



Continue Work

Finish Work


What Would ” D the Deep ” Would do

They will Write the FULL Program

NO Call Functions ( Or Minimum Use of Call Function )

Even if THEY Call Functions , They will mostly be From OWN PAST experiences

And their Program will look like

START Work ,

If Hurdles Come

Then Pause



to Overcoming Hurdles

Continue Work

Finish Work


The difference in Approach is the start point

In Case of S : If FUNCTIONS True in this case PROCEED

In Case of D : If MY Experience = Function is TRU Then Proceed

If MY Experience = Function is FALSE Then IGNORE Function

Take EXPERIENCE and Proceed


Function = Sin, Cos etc

Function = ” Karm Adhikar ” or ” Hare and Tortoise Story ” Or What Gautam Buddha Said ” Desire is Cause of Sorrow ”


When I quote from Scriptures , or Stories , or Lives of Greats, I am importing what in programming parlance is called ” SubRoutines ” or Call “Objects” or Call “Functions “

If there is error in context, the result will be nasty surprise.

So Eg You Import AHMIMSA Paramo Dharma and Don’t know its Context

You have Ignored the IF THEN portion and

The result will be The Whole country will be wiped out by HUNS and Barbarians.


The program like that of Deep , are run in initial mode with NOT much IMPORT of outside Functions , then

That OUT Of Context Error is Minimised.

There is LESS Recourse to LIBRARY Functions,

Prgram Runs Ligher , with Less error and FASTER due to Less

as the ONLY Dharma Functions are ALREADY Embedded inisde the program

When You rely on your own observations , you are

It seems to me that When persons like me who are usually Blind to happenings around himself due to habit of being self-absorbed … has to take recourse to ” Quotes ” and ” what has been Said ” .. “What has been Done by greats ”  . and ” What Stories have been told for various contexts ”  are Calling To their mental or habit programs ” FUNCTIONS ” Eg ” Karma Yoga Functions ”  or 

In Programming we use Functions , Subroutines and Objects, Modules


When you write the program , we need not write everything from scratch and ground up but can import these Objects or Functions.


When we Use Quotes, Or Apply Stories or Give Example from Way the Greats have behaved. We are Importing Those as Blocks of Functions

Eg Say We apply the Idea of CONCEPT = YOU Have Right to Work and NOT to Result , Yet You must never be Attached to inaction. Nor must you attached to Result.

We can Say Karma_Adhikar_function = CONCEPT above .


When I face Hurdle , and I Get Worried I will IMPORT that Function Karma_Adhikar_function and proceed ..

Those who Don’t carry the baggage of Scriptures, or Stories,

But rely more on their own stories or observations and insights

Effectively Don’t access those LIBRARY Functions


Write their OWN Programs

Function / Objects IS TO  Programming Script 

Quotes / Stories IS To Life  Script