TWI : They – We – I

We and I :

When You say ” I ” m what is that. Your whole body, mind, soul your thoughts , ideas, opinions you call as own . The face, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, brain legs , hand , ears, eyes.. and a whole list of that. Some one mistreats you and you feel bad , your whole body goes through lots of reactions and not just the ears or eyes. Heart races in anger, or perhaps droops in sadness, hand clenches in fist out of anger or loosens grip if dejected.

For Organs – It’s we the organs . I is the sum total of all organs , and much more.

When the insult is someone remote , that you can’t seem to relate to . Its THEY .

The tussle is between I & They

I can give and take from THEM . I can influence them. I can do good to them or do harm to them. I can be Good or Evil .

They can give or take from me, They can influence me,They can do good to me or do harm to me , They can be good or evil to me.

Between I and They – this power play is always on. The World is trying to crowd me out and I am trying to create a space for myself . This is the struggle and the very life depends on that. The moment I get crowded out fully, I am gone, No more alive. I can as well be menace to society if I dominate so much that I corner you out and cramp you in space.

Life gets extinguished, Life gets energised.

The Struggle is gone , and harmony established when THEY & I cease to be .

Instead WE and I emerge .

Then No tussle , We give and take , we are in sync.

Capitalism : I will Deploy capital . I will have my profit , What they get is None of my concern .Let them figure it out for myself. Each will try to maximise what is in Self Interest

Distribution of Input and Output is assumed to take care of Itself If I think of my own self interest .

Socialism ; I too will deploy capital But The profit out of it will be distributed amongst all , I will get it , They will get it. I will get to decide who gets what . How do I decide on What is the Fair share .. How much I will take and How much they will take, I how I will give and how much they will give, So question of Fair distribution of Input and Output is a question that needs to be setlled.

Advaita Way : We are One . You , I , We They are one entity.

So I care for my Puny self Interest , I also care about other components of the entity . They too behave the same way.

Its आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद्धिताय च is  sloka of the Rig Veda. Vivekananda would often use it and it became the motto of the Ramakrishna Mission

I will Take care of my own Liberation and I will also Be considerate and have concern for the Welfare of all the rest of the world.