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Effort is necessary for realisation. One day in Bhava Samadhi (spiritual absorption), I saw the Haldarpukur* and found there a rustic taking water. He removed the sedges from the surface and examined it now and again, taking it up in his hand. This was shown to me, as if to signify that just as water can never be seen unless one removes the sedge, love of God and realisation of Him cannot be had if one does not work for it. Meditation, repeating the ‘name’ of the Lord, singing His glories, praying to Him, charity, performance of sacrifices-these are the holy works that lead to God.
*Haldarpukur A big tank situated just in front of the ancestral house of Sri Ramakrishna in his native village, Kamarpukur.

Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna,
(Photo: Sri Ramakrishna, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi – 12 May 2017)
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