Interactions : दीपोऽवाच ( दीप Speaks ) Thus Spake the Self Illumined

Proposal : We can Compile in Form of Conversational or Question and Answer Style. This matches with The Way Gautam Buddha taught. And In this style When questioned by someone , He simply asks Series of Small ( mini) questions and The Seeker Says YES or NO by themselves and then at the end , it becomes Self Evident to Seeker the answer to the query. In a way its quite different from most preaching.

Instead of preacher taking a high stand and TELLING , He rather lights up the mind of the seeker ( questioner) and the seeker at last comes to know that he had all the answers , Buddha just helped him or her discover that. ( It almost looks like modern day programming , Series of YES , NO IF Then Loop )

But I would not put a restriction of the Style of Answering. Let that Evolve over time.

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Books Deep Insights

| Deep Assurance | Deep Processor | Deep Mess |

Deep Assurance

Deep : No use giving too many reasons , arguments , rationalising etc . Just Say You will Do it . Just say हो जाएगा, , or हम हैं न !

Deep Processor

Deep : Don’t Say Yes Immediately, Say I will get back to you. When you respond too fast , you might have bypassed some key data points in brain. So if someone takes time to take a decision, it could be good. He may need to process some of the inputs and storage he has . Eg Matters of Ethics, Values, Priority etc ., Judge Pros and cons..

Deep : ‘Before Blurting out : Tongue ( Mouth) , Let it go from eye , ear to Brain , and stomach it digest it , and then let it come out from tongue .. On this Swami Ranganathananda : Says in Gita ; Be Like a refinery , Take in Foul smelling Crude Oil and Bring out Refined products even Fine Scents

Deep Mess

Deep : No use giving too many reasons , arguments , rationalising etc . Just Say You will Do it . Just say हो जाएगा, , or हम हैं न !

Deep : When In Road Rage and people Hurl out Abuses then take this approach.. or

Deep : Instead of Dirtying all over the place , Ek Jagah Shit and Big One ( NOW this one is a NASTY Imagery ) but It is hard to forget . because of nastiness

Deep Into Self : Insights & Observations , Opinions

Compilation and Collection of Ideas from Deep Experience

Observations of Vyasas and Sutraks

Eg How a Monkey Treats its One day old Baby and allows it to play ,and Yet protects , balance between Freedom and Control

How a Crow Taught its Baby to Fly and took under her wings

How a pack of Dogs at Farakka and two cows at Deogahar ( Oustide gate of Satasang / Sri Anukul Chandra Ashsram ) Taught about Proverty Mindest and Plenty Mindset

How We Sometimes Cheat ourselves ( Fool Ourselves ) Incident of The Cold Drink at Rishikesh ( Tulsi jha ) and About Slowly sleep drowsy …

Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Hitler analogies)[1][2] is an Internet adage asserting that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitlerapproaches 1“.[2][3] That is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Adolf Hitler or his deeds, the point at which effectively the discussion or thread often ends. ( memetics.,  Mike Godwin )

The Related Ideas and Stories

Here We may make a collection of ideas and stories from Gita, Upanishad , Bible etc and Also incidents in Life of Great people or people we admire or Historical Situations, Business Contexts, Family Relationships ,In society


TRUTH is Revealed . They are revealed to Rishis to people who have attained to RISHIHOOD. To the Prophets , To the Buddha ( The Illumined ) , to the Jesus ..

ऋषीs are मन्त्र -द्रष्टाs

The Insights are So Universal and characterise Human Mind . Our Vedas Are Built on Insights of Rishi . Vedas are REVELATIONS and Not Dogmas, or Opinions, Eternal Principles

In Material world of Physical Plane , this INSIGHTS are in the realm of Scientists, Consultants, Business Leaders , Political Stalwarts or Founder Entrepreneurs

Nudge : This One idea led to implications in Behavioural Economics . Led to Nobel Prize. Richard H. Thaler was awarded the 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to behavioural economics. His contributions build on work by two previous Nobel Laureates, Herbert Simon (in 1978) and Daniel Kahneman (in 2002, jointly with the pioneer of experimental economics, Vernon Smith).


Develop Your Internal Voice ( John B. Goodenough ) NOBEL Prize motivation: “for the development of lithium-ion batteries.

Don’t believe everything that you read and don’t be afraid to think and it is alright to understand what has gone before but don’t just rely on copying but develop your internal voice and your own internal means of interpreting. That is a very individual thing and there are many different ways to be successful.

John B. Goodenough answers the following questions (the links below lead to clip on YouTube):
0:07 – What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? 
0:32 – How do  you  recognise a good teacher?
0:58 – Do you see yourself as a mentor now? 
1:33 – What  qualities do you think you need to be a successful scientist?
3:04 – How do you cope with failure?
3:16 – How  has your dyslexia shaped you?
3:44 – How  important has nature been for you?     
4:40 – Has music played an important role in your life?  
5:06 – How did  your interest in poetry start?
6:14 – How did you meet your wife?
7:06 – What  life  advice  can you share?
8:30 – How do you remember so much  of your life?  
8:47 – How does it feel to be back in Stockholm after 80 years?
9:21 – How has living through World War II influenced you?
10:03 – What is your relationship with your lab colleagues?  
11:18 – What are the characteristics of a very good team?
11:55 – What  is your relationship with Akira Yoshino?
12:28 – How has the scientific landscape changed over the years?
13:42 – What environment encourage creative thinking?  
14:48 – What research are you working on now?  
15:39 – What are your thoughts on sustainability?  
16:37 – What future do you see for sustainable batteries?


A Good Software to Write Your Book on Scrivener Why This Is Good

Hilary Mantel describes her writing process.The Agony and the Ego, | Hilary Mantel My writing day: Hilary Mantel | Hilary Mantel on the art of ‘Growing a Book’ | Removing the Stigma From ‘Writing Software’ |

What is inspiration? Eternal vigilance,. Being on the watch for your material, day or night, asleep or awake.



 growing a book, rather than writing one.”, involves stumbling upon ideas serendipitously 

Deep Expressions

Deep Expressions | Deep Mails | Deep Observations | Deep Solutions |

S. Insights

Create Vs Import

Self Observations Vs Quotes , Greats & Stories

Was ruminating over some programming concepts like ” Objects ” and ” functions ” … Drawing parallel to World of “Gyan ” and ” Spirituality ”  It seems to me that When persons like me who are usually Blind to happenings around himself due to habit of being self-absorbed … has to take recourse to ” Quotes ” and ” what has been Said ” .. “What has been Done by greats ”  . and ” What Stories have been told for various contexts ”  are Calling To their mental or habit programs ” FUNCTIONS ” Eg ” Karma Yoga Functions ”  or 

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