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How to be Strong- According to Swami Vivekananda

October 18 @ 7:15 pm 8:00 pm UTC+5.5

Tapas – Controlling Tongue ( Speech consumes energy, Control it, Conserve Energy ) , Tongue( Food , Control eg Eakadasi Fasting – Falahar, or Juice or Fast whole day or skip one meal or reduce some quantity on a given day )

Tapas – Controlling Time ( Have Routine – Mainly Sleep , Food, Study and rest all will fall in place , Since we all have to make choice each moment of time, It will become spontaneous . You can decide to take or NOT take an activity at a given time depending on routine , Eg If you decide to wake up at 6 am , then also decide what time you will surely go to bed )

Ideal – Having an Ideal in Life ( When taking decisions on every little matters or significant matters, we are apt to make mistakes or make wrong choices due to circumstances if we don’t have inner guiding compass. So Our Values and Principles act as the guide or reference . Swami ji says” If a man with an ideal makes a thousand mistakes, I am sure that the man without an ideal makes fifty thousand. Therefore, it is better to have an ideal ” .Source Complete Works Jnana Yoga

Shraddha – Having faith in discoveries of our Rishis( We may not yet understand much or realise the truths as yet.Yet we can trust the Rishis ( the mantra drashtas ) who claim that they have seen the truth and they assert that we too can . Have faith in them, our seniors who have achieved., and mentioned in the Books like gita and upanishad . These are Spiritual Discoveries.

Faith in God or in Self – Faith – I am Not body mind Ego – I am Atman , Questions like Who I am, Faith in God – Its good if I have faith and belief in God. But even if I don’t , I must have faith in myself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is the atheist who does not believe in himself ( Source )

How to be Strong
RKM Belagavi Youtube Live

18 Oct 2020

Controlling Tongue
Controlling Time
Having an Ideal in Life
Having faith in discoveries of our Rishis
Faith I am Not body mind Ego – I am Atman
Who I am Faith in God


Featherless Strength Weakness Health Weak Health Weak Body
Falling sick regularly Healthy Fit
No control over thoughts , lack of control
No moral Strength
Poor Quality of Knowledge in my field of activity
My skills are not upto the mark , i see a weakness , My work is of a lower quality
A Low Self-image
Identities created by thoughts
Physcial , Mental , Character , Skill and Self Image

Tapas – Semi Retired Withdraw from Social Involvement
Tremendous energy, Restraining Energy Stored Self Control Focus ,
On One Idea , Purpose is Unwavering

My Tongue – Indriya Nigrah , Sense Restraint Control I shape my own life
Discipline Restraint Of Body .
Fasting on Ekadasi – Some Nirjala , Fruit , Juice , I restrain for One full day . Reduce Amount of food, Skip one meal , once in 15 days.

Tongue – Speech Silence On Monday
Talking Lots of Energy is Spent , Gossip ; Energy Conserve

Controlling Time – Time is Life Control of Life, That’s strength
Sankalp Yagna

We Need Routine, Any Organization, This is Time We will work , So We set deadline
He learns to Use Time. We are taught how to regulate our life.
Wake Up – Social Position – Fixed Time – Control of Life – Strength
Food Sleep – Sadhna –


Be Strong and Having an Ideal

Ideal is How I achieve that Goal – Principles our Value Systems

A choice in How I see it and How we respond

Repetitive , Can’t control my imaginations
No Self Control – Weakness

Every moment I have a choice
What Shall I think, What shall I do
Clear Yardstick of My values and principles
What Choice I shall Make
Freedom to make Choice
Poor Will Thought Act Response

This can be built
Fail 1000 times ,
Shravan , Manan, If I think It will become mine
Choice with Some effort
Every time we resist a temtation , my will power increases
Consciously Based on Values and Principles

Truth – Correct Choices
Expert dancer – Never False step


Every aspect of my relation

Faith in Honesty , NOT a fool
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah
Reversals Tr

In Commitment
Handwork – I will work hard for it
Spirit of Contribution Ashyraya DOSHA
Contribute Positive

Contribution to Company, Society, Community

Excellence as Contribution to Society

Sharing this Benefit

Spiritual Scientist – Our basic nature is NOT body mind ego but pure consciousness
This is called Atman – faith in my tradition – in my ancestors

Spirituality is Discover this inner nature, fundamental nature – svaroopa Self Discovery Self Realization – Shraddha
In Our order – Our paddhati
I will turn my eyes inwards , antarchakshu – I will see God
I believe in God and even if I don’t I believe in Myself

What is Life
Life is unfoldment and development of a being , under circumstances trying to press it down.