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Swami & Haripad Mitra at Belgaum

October 17 @ 7:15 pm 8:30 pm UTC+5.5

Summary of Talk here

Swami & Haripad Mitra RKM Belagavi Youtube Live

( Special Talk Series-Day 2- Talk in English by Swami Vedatitanandaji Maharaj)

Swami Vedantitananda

Swami Prabhavananda : Vice MS Nanjunda – Swami Ganbhirananda – Reminiscens of Swami Vievkannda – Chritine – Sadananda – Swroopananda

Haripad Mitra – Swamiji Tremendous Impact on live all over world – Change This World Phenomencal – GLimpse of personality – Kabir – Satsang – Hm To rahte hain Apne rang log kahe satsang – Utter lack of pretence – Politics Education – Authnetics 0 Make Believe and Fake – Smoke – Chew Tobacco – quintessical Modern _ Agnostisce – Huxley – Self Alienated – Questions and Answers – True Man – Genuine Human Relations – Ram prasad – Once for All Throughly – A man – I cannot distinguish from day and night – Poytechnique Ship Mandira – Major changes in Thought currents – Indumati Mitra – Haripad Mitra – Diksha to both – Women – Happy and Well treated – Resign to Sri Krihsna – Remain Pure in thought speech and god – Serve her husband in thought word and deed – Treat wife well – Treat husband as God – Concepts in Science for religions – Western Science Coupled with Vedanta – Studies of Reality – Consciousness and Shakti ( Energy) – One Aspect of Reality – Neglect Not even one – At 33 Min _ SWAMIJI said Just Because I found a bengali – It will be wrong ti leave their hospitality to live with you 0 Bhates House – Vedanta is NOT Hinduism – Practical Vedanta -Universal Religion Lecture Series – Parsimony & Perception Generalization and Universalization –

40 Min – About Relationship with Superiors at Office – Most problems in our life don’t need a spiritual solution – But pretty common sense – If Our thinking gets clear all our problems get solved – Always try to do good to others as far as possible – Husband must be like Haripad Mitra – Also Must be Housewife and Not employed somewhere – Any work can lead to spiritual development provided it is performed in a particular manner – Character Development – Self Restraint – Self Direction is Concentration – Concentration when perfected leads to Samadhi – Perfect work to Perfect Mukti – 9 days extended stay at Belgaum – Then in 1897 Lahore – Couple of months before Passing away – Burdwan – Ramakrishna Mission Bhav Prachaar parishad – Many incidents are so personal they cannot be narrated

reminiscences of haripad mitra pdf

Swami Vedatitanandaji Maharaj

Talk in English by Revered Swami Raghaveshanandaji Mhj